Donald Trump – – This is how he lost weight

Donald Trump - - This is how he lost weight

In 2019, Donald Trump’s weight scale showed 110 kilograms, according to New York times.

Incidentally, the eleven doctors who examined the president for four hours concluded that Trump is “in very good health,” with the possibility of him continuing “the rest of his presidency – and beyond,” according to the major US newspaper.

Since leaving the White House in January 2021, Trump has reportedly lost weight. wrote in April interested in trade The 75-year-old has lost up to nine kilos.

He ate all the chocolate bars from M&M on Air Force One the whole time. He’s a huge guy and he’s lost a lot of weight. I don’t know how much it is. You can see it in his suit, and an unnamed Trump adviser is said to have told the news site.

– Kitchen 24/7

Trump’s slimming adventure was the subject of an interview with conservative British news channel GB News on Saturday. The interview was reproduced by several English-language media, including independent And interested in trade.

There, Jason Miller, a former senior Trump adviser, said he had visited Trump recently – and claimed he had lost between nine and eleven kilos.

– He looks happier. “He’s nailed,” Miller said, “he’s relaxed…

– How did he lose weight? Do we know that?

— I asked him about it, says Miller, and explained, among other things, “the kitchen isn’t there 24 hours a day,” referring to the White House kitchen staff.

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– He said: “The secret? A little golf, a lot of political statements of support,” Miller continued — the latter apparently referring to Trump’s stated support for many of his past and current political backers, according to Business Insider.

On Saturday, Trump gave his support to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who is running for an eighth term in next year’s by-election, according to the news agency. Reuters.

Miller was initially set to become Trump’s first chief of communications when he took office.

On Christmas Eve 2016, just two days after Trump appointed him, Miller announced that I still did not get this position. Justify this with family circumstances and that the situation will be very demanding. Miller is currently the president of conservative social platform Gettr.

Trump himself has not commented on the alleged weight change.

BON APPETIT #2: Two months later, Trump repeated his burger stunt, this time with members of the North Dakota State football team.  Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters/NTP

BON APPETIT #2: Two months later, Trump repeated his burger stunt, this time with members of the North Dakota State football team. Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters/NTP
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I tried to “sneak” into Trump

Trump’s diet in the White House attracted attention often and frequently, and his love of fast food and soft drinks was widely covered in the press. He himself did not hide his culinary preferences.

The Big Mac is amazing. Quarter Pounder. “That’s good stuff,” he said in a familiar fashion to CNN’s Anderson Cooper in 2016. New York times.

Trump’s former physician, Dr. Ronnie L. Jackson – himself a Republican who became a congressman in January – may He previously said he was trying to “infiltrate” the president.

– He said we made ice cream less available and put cauliflower in mashed potatoes New York times In February 2020.

swipe the doctor

The goal was to get Trump to lose between four and six kilos. It didn’t work at that time.

– He said that the training did not go off as I wanted, but we worked on his diet.

Even Jackson got Severe criticism in an investigation report of the Inspector General of the US Department of Defense in March.

It was alleged here that Jackson drank on the job, took prescription drugs while on duty, and that he acted sexually harassing female employees. Jackson categorically denied the allegations, claiming the report was politically motivated.

Similar fees in 2018 led him to resign as a candidate to take over the United States Veterans Administration.

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