Donald Trump, USA | Cannonball measurement for Trump

Donald Trump, USA |  Cannonball measurement for Trump

North Carolina, USA (Netavisen): A recent opinion poll conducted by the financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal showed that Trump is leading in many crucial states for which the presidential candidates are competing.

These are the states that will likely decide the outcome, says Wall Street Journal editor Aaron Zeitner.

The question posed by the newspaper is: If the presidential elections were held today, who would you vote for?

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Leader in six critical states

The poll showed Trump leading by five percentage points in Arizona, one percentage point in Georgia, three percentage points in Michigan, and three percentage points in Pennsylvania.

In Wisconsin, the presidential candidates were tied.

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In North Carolina, another state that the two presidential candidates are eyeing in this election, Trump leads by six percentage points. In Nevada, Trump leads by four percentage points.

Joe Biden Donald Trump


42 percent 47 percent


43 percent 44 percent


45 percent 48 percent

North Carolina

43 percent 49 percent


44 percent 48 percent


44 percent 47 percent


46 percent 46 percent

Biden won in 2020

The newspaper reported that 600 participants from each state participated.

In the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan, Trump won in 2016, but Biden won in 2020.

Joe Biden won Nevada in 2020. Donald Trump won North Carolina.

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– Biden faces a challenge to maintain the cohesion of the coalition that elected him in 2020, says Zeitner.

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