Donald Trump, USA | Trump Shocks About Civil War and Nuclear War

Donald Trump, USA |  Trump Shocks About Civil War and Nuclear War

NEW YORK (Netavision): This week, Donald Trump is out to publish and share reports on both the civil war in the United States and nuclear war in the world.

– Civil war

Earlier this week, Donald Trump posted a message on the Truth Social from a user named Maga King Thanos, referring to the “civil war.”

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The message came in response to a quote from El Salvador’s President Neb Bukele some time ago. The message states:

The most powerful country in the world is falling so fast that it makes you wonder what the real reasons are. Nothing big and powerful could be destroyed so quickly, unless the enemy came from within.

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Trump is now receiving heavy criticism for sharing a message about the Civil War.

The disgraced ex-president who has just been prosecuted twice shared a message from another user on his social media platform calling for civil war. This is beyond dangerous, wrote the anti-Trump political group MeidasTouch on Twitter.

One of Trump’s biggest critics within the party, Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, also condemns Trump’s message on the Truth Social, he writes. Newsweek.

Are there any of my fellow Republicans who want to call out now? Or do we only want to get through one election at a time? writes on twitter

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On the other hand, Trump is not giving up, now following him up with the claim that he is now more likely to be heading toward a new nuclear war in the world than he is not.

I never considered in my wildest fantasies that the United States would be embroiled in a nuclear war. Trump now writes, on the other hand, that because of our leaders’ rhetoric and the very poor choice of words, it is more likely to happen than it won’t.

See the message here:

Trump then returned with claims that there would have been no war in Ukraine had he been president.

Russia/Ukraine would not have happened under the Trump administration. There are now fewer cards to play, but they are still very playable. Trump wrote: Is it China then, with a clear reference to the China-Taiwan issue.

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Trump support distribution

Trump several times recently released a series of statements in support of Republican candidates regarding the ongoing primaries.

One option now associated with more excitement is Tuesday’s elections in Georgia.

There, Trump offered his support to his rival David Purdue in place of the current governor, Republican Brian Kemp.

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Late Tuesday night in Norwegian time, Trump wrote that he is optimistic about the elections in Georgia.

Record numbers lined up in the wonderful state of Georgia. Does it bode well for the candidates I have supported? Can!!! Trump writes on his social media platform social truth He now has 3.1 million followers.

See the message here:

When Trump was kicked out of Twitter in January 2021, he had 88.7 million Followers.

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