Donkey from the TV series 2 “Short and Promising”.

Donkey from the TV series 2 "Short and Promising".

In the documentary series “Kort og lovende”, TV 2 viewers meet four young men and learn about their lives as short people.

Actor Alexander Carlsen Elleunsi, 25, researcher Dedrick Hegertaker Grevescott, 31, HSE coordinator Hannah Eileen Jorgensen, 23, and marketing consultant Osun Alstad Hanto, 28, all left the cameras watching as they went about their daily lives.

They speak openly and honestly about their joys, triumphs, and challenges, and are overwhelmed by the response they received in the wake of the programme.

– You’re always a little unsure beforehand, but once the series came out, there was a lot of positive feedback. Hannah told Se og Hør that it was a lot of fun.

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not alone

The four lead very active lives. The days are filled with work, friends and family, but one thing is missing. In the series, the four main characters open up about their individual lives, and they do not hide the fact that they would like to find someone with whom to share their lives.

WONDERFUL LADIES: There's no shortage of interest after Hanna Ellen Jorgensen and Asni Alstadt Hanto join the documentary series

Gorgeous ladies: there’s no shortage of interest after Hanna Ellen Jorgensen and Esni Alstad Hanto join the documentary series ‘Kort og lovende’. The girls say that they received a lot of positive feedback on their television debut. Photo: Tor Lindseth / Se og Hør
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– I’m not at all alone, but when I’m sitting on the couch, I think “Yeah, there could be another one here,” Hannah says on the show, and also says she has a profile while checking out the Tinder app.

I don’t feel any rush to find someone and start a family. She thinks I have many years, and I don’t need to stress that out now.

encrypted: Did Emma Ellingson Caught Flirting? At least you answer anonymously. Video: Jenny Emily As/Reality Awards.
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Åsne was previously with another short guy, but the relationship ended because they lived too far from each other.

– When you have to fly every time to meet, that spark disappears a little when you don’t see each other. That’s how it ended, says Åsne in “A Promising Short”.

Get a letter of proposal

She says she could imagine a friend, and that several people expressed interest after the series started on TV. When asked if she received a letter of proposal in the mailbox, the 28-year-old answered in the affirmative:

– It has become a thing, but I don’t answer many of them then, says Åsne, who takes everything with a smile.

Friendship Matters: Åsne is a leader in the association of interests for short people, and knows the importance of friendship and inclusion.  Photo: TV 2

Friendship Matters: Åsne is a leader in the association of interests for short people, and knows the importance of friendship and inclusion. Photo: TV 2
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It’s nice to get attention, but they probably think they know me a little better than they probably do. It’s a bit odd, admits Åsne, who is the president of the Norwegian Association of Interest for the short term.

The reason the four wanted to contribute to the series was to break down prejudices and show that they are just like everyone else.

Guest of honor: Geir Aker, better known as Ensign in “Kompani Lauritzen” makes Vita and Wanda’s lives miserable in this week’s episode of “Truls á la Hellstrøm bistro.” Video: TV 2
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It was an important message to TV profiles who are open about the fact that they have all been subjected to rude comments and harassment. Especially in the city, there can be a lot of aggression, and in one episode viewers get an insight into it when a group of friends gets sexually harassed on the open street.

be skeptical

Hanto told TV 2 that she believes the problem is not interest, but the experience of being a subject. It also made her suspicious of the other boys.

– I am used to comments, but the most boring thing is that I am beginning to doubt the intentions of others – even though they may only have the best of intentions. I’m a bit critical, and many of them seem to have some kind of fetish or “bucket list”. You become unsure when you experience more attention, because you think “Am I a fetish, or are they just curious?”

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