Don’t be fooled by these apple rumors

Don’t be fooled by these apple rumors

The Financial Times has a story that Tim Cook wants to launch a VR headset quickly even if the designers want to wait.

It’s been several years since Apple discussed this

The news was picked up by several tech papers over the weekend, but Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who we report almost weekly, has the right story.

Apple’s famed industrial design team has been pushing for patience, wanting to delay the launch of a lighter version of augmented reality glasses when it’s technically possible. Most in the tech industry expect it to take several more years.

financial times

This is how you can see through it

It is doubtful that the designers were wearing the armor only months before launch

Per Gurman, this has been a topic of discussion about Apple 2018. In a tweet, Gurman explains that Jony Ive pushed Apple to release a pair of augmented reality glasses because virtual reality is too antisocial and “confining.”

The compromise Apple made with Ive, who is completely out of Apple in every way, was to get a VR-enabled headset And year.

All the way back in the winter 2017 We wrote a story “Apple’s AR glasses may arrive in 2020 with a new operating system:”

It’s Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who’s very well-sourced within the company, who’s now reporting that Apple’s AR glasses are in full development. Tim Cook boasted about augmented reality in the cloud instead of virtual reality, so that’s very in line with what Apple thinks internally. probably.

The eyewear technology could be ready as early as 2019 for launch as early as the following year. Apple should be very interested in getting the product to market as soon as possible.”

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In any case, Gurman confirms once again that the speaker will arrive at WWDC 2023, that is, in just a few months. Therefore, there is very little chance that Apple’s project managers, who have been working on this for more than seven years, will ask Tim Cook to wait with a VR / AR solution.

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