– Don't enjoy it

– Don't enjoy it

On Sunday, the stage was set for the final of TV 2's hit show “The Game”, with Iene Andersen (50) remaining the show's first winner.

The participation is the profiler’s second encounter with reality television, after she participated in the “71 Degrees North” program in 2022. But although it was a positive experience, she decided not to participate in a reality program again.

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– I said I wouldn't do that again. I was supposed to be at “71 degrees north” and I was so happy about that.

– But then TV 2 called, and told Nettavisen before recording.

Fear of conflicts

Andersen could not pass up the opportunity to participate in a mysterious and new television concept, and she was afraid that she would regret her participation when one day she wanted to watch the program on television.

But the winner of “The Game” was still very doubtful about whether she should challenge herself and take part in another reality show.

The participants knew almost nothing about what the program was about before enrolling and she was clear that she did not want to be part of a conflict-driven concept.

– I don't enjoy it, and it's not important for my profile, says Andersen.

Andersen admits that the fear of being exposed to similar conflicts seen in previous reality shows was present. It was therefore important for her to get confirmation that the new program would not be of the same nature.

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The TV file says that at one point she had to put her foot down and told the channel:

“Well, we're doing it this way. I'm leaving this meeting now. You go back and assure each other that I don't want to be part of a conflict-driven reality show. If that's the case, we can't include her. But if you assure each other that we don't Fool me, we will sign,” he said, adding that the agreement was then signed.

“It was the closest thing to insurance I could get,” she laughs.

– Waits more demanding

Before recording for Asker began, the former NRK presenter felt uncomfortable and was very worried about how the experiment would go.

Just before leaving, she received a phone call from TV 2's associate director, preparing to make tough choices. At that time, her hunch took hold that the program might be more challenging than she initially assumed.

-So I understand that it's not about hiding. It was like an intuitive feeling that there was something more demanding ahead, she tells Netavisen.

Andersen plans to share a portion of the prize money she won with her nephew and niece. The reason is that it was their encouraging words that motivated her to participate in the program.

“You can be afraid, but you have to know that it is not dangerous, just scary,” I learned from them. It has also become the most important motto in my life,” she says.

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According to Andersen, “the game” is one of the most fun things she has ever done in her life.

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-So you have no regrets?

– No, not at all. I spent three weeks studying Russian when I was 19 years old. That was two weeks Russian time when I was 49, so it was quite nice, she laughed.

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