Don’t forget Trumpbus and Cobb’s earnings

Don't forget Trumpbus and Cobb's earnings

Are interest rates rising, electricity rates and food prices starting to erode reserves? Did you go through all the jacket pockets and bags and check all the accounts?

We haven’t lost all hope, there may still be money to be found.

– Trumf members have around NOK 1.7 billion in bonus available and unused, says Kine Søyland, Communications Director at NorgesGruppen.

The bonus can be withdrawn in several ways. Perhaps the most obvious is to use them to pay in stores or transfer to your account.

You can transfer your Trumf bonus to the Nordic Choice Club or SAS EuroBonus, or you can choose to donate parts of the bonus to various organizations such as Kirkens Bymisjon, UNICEF or the Tourist Association.

– I think it would be nice to donate to a humanitarian cause if someone had the opportunity these days, says Søyland.

Note that this will not be registered with the Swedish Tax Agency, so you will not receive a tax deduction.

Dividends once a year

At Coop, the rewards system is a little different, says Harald Kristiansen, Communications Director at Coop. The clients, who are also co-owners of cooperatives and cooperatives, are paid their dividends in January each year.

It comes well: the winning bonus can be withdrawn in food, but you can also transfer to an account.  Screenshot:

It comes well: the winning bonus can be withdrawn in food, but you can also transfer to an account. Screenshot:
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– In recent years, co-ops have paid out nearly $2 billion in gross purchase earnings to our customers, Christiansen tells DinSide. – Payment depends on the amount you have shopped as a customer in your co-op, and the rewards you have earned.

Although the purchase profit is only paid in January, it is still not certain that you will have to wait for two months before you can take advantage of it. Many Coop customers leave money in their account, because you earn interest on it.

If you have money left in the Coop account, you can withdraw it now, while the 2022 dividend will have to wait until January.

Interest rates vary, depending on which co-op you belong to, the account you choose, and the amount in your account.

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– Therefore, many individuals and some companies put savings with Coop, or refrain from withdrawing the purchase profits and allow them to grow in the account. Co-owners of co-ops have nearly $15 billion invested in co-ops today, Christiansen says, and this has increased since the pandemic.

Benefit program

Different chains have different benefits programs for their customers. NorgesGruppen and Coop have many opportunities to earn bonuses, which can be exchanged for various products, discounts or paid as winnings, while Rema 1000s offers a discount at checkout.

These bonus programs can also be upgraded, which grant additional discounts on, for example, fruits and vegetables – and on certain days, higher bonus earnings. Coop and NorgesGruppen also offer a bonus earnings boost if you use their credit cards.

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