Don’t keep a lot of cash at home

Don't keep a lot of cash at home

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Ranked money is not just a concept. Very few people keep money here, according to insurance company If.

Now they warn that there is too much money in the house. There is a limit to the amount of contents insurance coverage, should you be robbed or robbed at home:

Maximum compensation in case of cash theft is NOK 10,000 with If. Amounts higher than this should not simply be kept at home, but should be kept in a bank account, says communications director Sigmund Clements at If.

However, it is not uncommon for people to have amounts greater than those at home:

– We have cash thefts between 50,000 and 100,000 NOK several times a year. Sometimes higher amounts. Clements says 20,000-30,000 NOK is in no way unusual when thieves first find the money.

The amount of cash covered by different contents insurances from different insurance companies varies from insurer to insurer. For example, Gjensidige’s contents insurance covers cash up to NOK 20,000. Framtind covers cash up to 15,000 NOK.

What applies to you, you should check with your insurance company.

In about one in three home burglaries where thieves find cash, they steal sums of more than NOK 10,000, according to If.

Older people are among those who use cash the most

Although the use of cash is declining and only accounts for about 4 percent of payments, there is still a significant amount of cash in circulation: according to norway bank The value of the cash in circulation is about 35 billion NOK.

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Clements tells that they can’t say anything about which demographics have more cash at home than others.

The cliché that a 75-year-old lady has saved up all the money she received for pawning bottles over the years doesn’t hold it. There are many different groups that keep cash at home, Clements says, and may have very little cash at home, for various reasons.

But if we look at who More than using cashAmong other things, elderly people and immigrants point out, according to the Norges Bank.

The Norwegian security authorities also recommend saving some cash for our emergencies.

– But I strongly advise against keeping large sums at home. This is the first thing that profit criminals look for. In Norway, they look for money in the drawer in the hallway, in the drawer of the bedside table, in the bathroom, in the kitchen cupboard – or in the bed. Although the money in the mattress is essentially a linguistic picture, there are actually people who still stash money here, Clements says.

It is recommended to store money in a fireproof safe, if you have larger sums at home – and therefore not in the mattress.

Lots of foreign currency

Although it became less frequent, he still received reports of the theft of piles of banknotes in the amount of tens of thousands of kronor. And according to Clementz, it’s now less common about the Norwegian krone and more often about the euro:

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One of the reasons for this is that Norwegians have euros in their homes because we often travel in Europe, where we needed cash, so we have money left – which we think we can use on our next trip. There are fewer and fewer Norwegian cash in drawers and mattresses – and more and more euros.

As a rule, a few thousand Swedish kronor, euros, dollars or other currencies are stolen in a burglary. Clements adds that there could of course be other reasons to keep larger amounts in the house, such as receiving money as a gift. The most common explanation from insurance clients when reporting large sums of money theft from a home is that the money will be used or originated from purchasing a used car.

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Cash is like paper flies

The fact that thieves find cash in your house if they happen to pick your house is one thing. But the insurance company also warns that having a lot of money in the house can actually make you a target:

Keeping a lot of cash at home would be a fly paper for a thief. Because unfortunately the experience is so, when it comes to theft from people, when there are rumors in the community that the person in question has a large sum of money in the house, it has led to theft or theft, says Clements.

If you have large sums of money, he recommends contacting the bank and asking for advice.

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Proof of cash is required

If you must have cash stolen at home, and you must report it to the insurance company for compensation: what evidence do you need to actually get that cash?

Our starting point is that we trust our customers, so we want as much as possible the customer to be able to prove that they own this money. That would be the case with all kinds of theft, Clements says.

He goes on to say that they have a maximum.

– That means you can’t come in and say you’ve got 100,000 kroner robbed – and ask when it can be transferred to the account – so we don’t buy it, he says, adding that it’s also necessary to report the theft to the police. And that both the insurance industry and prosecutors are well trained in detecting insurance fraud – something that is taken very seriously.

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