June 9, 2023


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Dorothea Weirer - Much better now

Dorothea Weirer – Much better now

Biathlete Dorothea Wierer, 31, has time and time again attracted attention for things other than her track and field accomplishments. Everything from arguing with a teammate and criticism to Fly private planes to biathlon.

Judging by the biathlon star’s instagram profile, it can sometimes be difficult to understand that she is such an outstanding athlete. There are pictures with both alcohol and frequent luxury holidays.

She is an outstanding female athlete, and has achieved great success as one of the best female athletes in the world. But this year it got neither a good charge nor a good start to the season.

sleep problems

Wierer has always been the biggest competitor to Norwegian athletes. She won the World Cup twice in a row and won two golds during the World Cup at home in Intersilva in 2020.

After these victories, things went downhill for the athletes. During the water course in Pokloka last year, there were no medals and this year’s start of the season was not in the lead either. In the opening race in Östersund, he finished 37th in the world’s top spot.

Wierer has already opened up about his sleep problems Which I struggled with for a long time. She felt tired of it.

I had a period between August and October with major problems sleeping. I simply couldn’t sleep and had to take sleeping pills – and it was very difficult, Ferrer explained SVT.

shelves: Italian athlete Dorothea Ferrer impresses with Norwegian female athletes, Vetle Sjåstad Christianen and Tarjei Bø on Instagram. Reporter: Melina Bambu. Video: Red Card / Bamboo.
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After the weekend race in Östersund, she could tell Aftonbladet They do not struggle as much with sleep-related problems.

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– This summer I woke up several times at night. Wierer says it’s much better now, but I have to take sleeping pills sometimes.

The Norwegians are struggling

Wierer wasn’t the only one to struggle in the first two weeks of the World Cup. Many Norwegian women also ended up at the bottom of the hit lists.

Tyrrell Eckhoff’s best location in Östersund was 28th. It’s a big defeat compared to last season where I had 13 victories.

The rest of the Norwegian women’s biathlon also struggled with both shooting and speed on the track. In the first relay of the year, it was fourth place for the women we often see on top of the podium.

Winning: Marte Olsbu Røiseland won the fishing start this weekend in Östersund.  Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/AP

Winning: Marte Olsbu Røiseland won the fishing start this weekend in Östersund. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/AP
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Marte Olsbu Røiseland was the only Norwegian woman to take the season opener’s podium when she won the start of the hunt. She was also third for her sprint race last weekend.

– I’m very happy. It was hard, heavy and real, but today I felt like I won out of pure will, as I told Røiseland NRK when she won the race.