Dr. Jekyll White – VG

Dr. Jekyll White - VG
The Blue Guy: Jack White introduces Gold and Stone Gray on his new album.

Jack White
“Fear of Dawn”
(Third Man Chronicles)

Rock’s Lex Luthor is back with a new dose of sonic kryptonite.


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Sabotaging himself is no stranger, Jack White. The 46-year-old’s previous album, “Boarding House Reach,” was one of 2018’s most disruptive albums—a poor, careless collection of semi-sour gospel and hard rock.

Thus, “Fear of Dawn,” the first two albums White has threatened to release this year, is almost doomed to represent a kind of revival. This is without a doubt – not least because the main character has taken the trouble to write some songs this time around.

The biggest highlights happen towards the end of the album, in the form of the rock band “Morning, Noon and Night” and the last “Shedding My Velvet”, which would immediately be a highlight of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new single “Unlimited Love”.

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Anthony Kiedis & Company. It returns with music that is best enjoyed in small bites.

The title track also hits in purely tonal terms, but it’s marred – like many of these twelve songs – with an eccentric soundscape that threatens to spoil the listening experience. Polite singing and loud words do little to lift the whole, and low goals are at worst embarrassing.

Dub’s “Esophobia” experience – the fear of sunrise and daylight, in case you were wondering – is within your tolerance of White What sucker Loss of concern for non-white musical traditions, while the narrow starting point of the cabaret on «Into the Twilight» is avoided.

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High-speed rocker rapper Hi De Ho, as hip-hop legend Q-tip is pulled through an impressive deep mud almost, It was described on a previous occasion. It must continue.

On paper, Jack White’s disdain for anything that might be seen as good taste is pretty consistent. In practice, gold and gray stone carry in approximately equal amounts in the “fear of dawn”.

Best Song: Shedding My Velvet

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