Drama Lil Tay: The Public Relations Suspect – VG

Drama Lil Tay: The Public Relations Suspect – VG
Drama Lil Tay: The Public Relations Suspect – VG
Is she alive?: Influencer Lil Tay made headlines this week. first through a fake death note, then through a denial in which she asserts that she is alive and well. But was it a PR stunt?

The day after the false report of the death of 15-year-old influencer Lil Tay, a cryptocurrency was launched in her name. Then the death message was rejected.


So she wasn’t dead after all – she was just hacked on Instagram – and now many media outlets are speculating, including from the insideabout whether it was all a PR stunt, despite the fact that Meta, according to TMZ, She reportedly helped Lil Tay — whose real name is Claire Hope — get her approved Instagram account back.

In the original message on Wednesday, there was a post on the popular influencer’s Instagram account stating that she and her brother had passed away.

The next day, Lil Tay himself denied the death message. Hackers were blamed.

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And around the same time that dementia came along, a cryptocurrency named Lil Tay was launched BNB Smart Chain.

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On Wednesday, the young rapper’s Instagram account announced the death of her and her brother.

The confusion is no less when it turns out that the former director of Lil Tay, Harry Tsang, has been working for several months to develop a cryptocurrency specifically in the name of Lil Tay.

But Lil Tay vehemently denies he has his hands in it after launching the cryptocurrency this week.

— 100 percent not me, Tsang tells Insider.

Tsang was also unable to confirm or deny the original report that Lil Tay – and her brother Jason Tian – had died. Not even Lil Tay’s father Christopher Hope commented to Insider if his daughter is still alive.

In a statement to The Daily Beast Harry Tsang goes further in suggesting that the false death warning was part of a larger plan.

– I think the alleged hack may not have happened, Tsang says in the statement.

– The actions of Lil Tay’s brother, who is known for his penchant for extreme methods, led me to hypothesize that there might be an alternative motive behind the incident, says Tsang.

Here, Harry Tsang references, among other things, a 2018 social media leak in which his brother, Jason Tian, ​​feeds his sister quotes and advice on how to speak and act.

The leak was revealed just a month after Lil Tay was a guest on Good Morning America and stated that no one forced her to do so. She said, “This is my decision.”

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Harry Tsang also tells The Daily Beast that he “believes it was a PR stunt designed to illegally extract money from loyal followers and an ignorant public”.

The fake death message has now been removed from Lil Tay’s Instagram. She started with her slightly controversial videos when she was nine years old and has 3.6 million followers.

However, she hasn’t made a new post in over five years.


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