Drama revealed in Shall We Dance

Drama revealed in Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance: All Stars It has already been on screen for quite some time, delivering great moments, drama and surprises.

So far it’s been a season full of injuries too Professional dancer Igor Filipenko (34) ended up in retirement due to a drooping neck.

During the many seasons of the program, there were similar situations during the competition, in which some had to withdraw.

in a ring Podcast “Shall We Dance” It turns out that one of the participants who participated in 2019, Jean Tore Kiere (53)In fact, he came close to withdrawing – due to the production’s desire for one of the dances he was going to perform.

says who: Merritt Mork Lingiardi heard it on social media after she quoted the wrong man during a live broadcast on Shall We Dance. Now she says what she thinks about it. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Luna Leah / Red Runner
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It must be baloo

Kjær speaks to Helen Olafsen (32) And the Anders Hof (46) About the props, and that when he was supposed to be Elton John, he convinced the production to get a grand piano.

– The truth is next then, that dance I should have been Baloo. Give me Baloo! It was movie night. Then I said, “Now I’m packing.” You packed the bag, shoved everything in, and walked out of the dance center, says Keir, much to the laughs of the presenters.

Baloo is a character from the Disney movie “The Jungle Book”. He’s a big grizzly bear who lives a happy life in the woods and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Olafsen also reacts by confronting him with the fact that he chose exactly this solution to the problem.

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Kiar confirms that he was on his way down the hill from the dance center.

– All the others are wonderful characters. So the fat guy sandwich’s gonna stand there in a teddy bear sweating 10 liters on Saturday night – and Baloo? Then I said “I don’t want to”.

– Then I was taken up the hill there again. Then it was fine, we’ll find something else for you tomorrow after that. Then he became Elton John, he says.

Touch: Genghis Al moved to tears during Saturday’s broadcast of Skal vi Danse. Modern artwork, says Judge Morten Hegseth. Video: TV 2 / Dagbladet TV
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– Just forget it

When Dagbladet contacted Kjær, he confirmed that he was about to withdraw from the folk dance programme.

– Yes, it is absolutely true. Ton and I were shocked (Jacobsen, Kjær’s dance partner, mags.). A tone came and told me it was going to be movie night and that I was going to be Baloo. Everyone had the cute characters, then Baloo was impersonated in a teddy bear suit. Kjær says it didn’t work.

He explains that it was completely out of the question for Baloo to be and that the production could completely forget about it.

– Honestly, here I stand, like a thick sandwich. Half-fat and must-have in a baloo jumpsuit inside the cozy lounge and dance floor. I’m going to pass out, I won’t do it during the night, I won’t do it during the week. It was absolutely impossible to dance like Baloo, and forget about it, he explains and adds:

– I can’t be Baloo and fly on this dance floor, there must be limits. It’s okay I’m not very good at dancing, but I don’t need to roll in there either.

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However, it was a nice surprise when he became Elton John instead.

– I hope it goes well, then Tone came along with Elton John and “Still Standing” and it was great, I was so happy. It was a great experience being able to dress like Elton John and the movie was fairly new at the time. It was an experience, he told Dagbladet, it was very enjoyable.

Together they dance: Jorgen Massa Vasstrand and Morten Sundley talk about what it was like when they danced together on the parquet floor “Shal vi danse”. Pictures from TV 2
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answer this tv 2

We do not comment on any decision made internally in production. Having said that, the case is that if some of the Shall We Dance participants have strong opinions about something they want or don’t want to do, there is of course good dialogue about it, says press director Jan Peter. Dahl, to Dagbladet and add:

– We do our best to make sure that everyone can vouch for both the costumes and the dance numbers.

Kjær also says that there was not much discussion with TV 2 and that the change from Baloo to Elton John was made very quickly.

– Maybe they realized he was a little stupid, he says.

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