June 10, 2023


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Dramatic penalty and red card in Hamar – Tromsø secured victory 11 minutes into extra time

Tromsø’s Daniel Bassi (24) scored a 1-0 victory over Hamkam. Photo: Geir Olsen/NTB

by NTB | 05/13/2023 19:05:18

sportsThe hosts faced a difficult first-half finish when Daniel Bassi sent Tromsø into the lead just a minute before half-time. The 18-year-old made a great run from the depths and was played beautifully by Vegard Erlien.

– I saw that there was room between the stopper and the back, so I just started. I knew I had enough speed to get there. Then Bassi told TV2 during the break, it was just a matter of keeping the head calm and putting it in the goal.

Hamkam’s side continued to slump after they thought they had leveled just 13 minutes into the first half when John-Olav Norheim fired the ball into the net.

However, the replay did not provide a clear answer as to whether the entire ball was in the goal.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not sure he’s going in,” commented Espín Wen on TV 2, before the VAR disallowed the scoring for offside.

The home crowd could still cheer after just a quarter of an hour when Alexander Miljälves equalized after Kent’s Ari Antonsen scored from the penalty spot.

However, the match ended in chaos when HamKam goalkeeper Marcus Sandberg was very difficult on the field and had to make up for both a penalty and a red card.

Lars Jindal came out to stop Niklas Westerlund, who tried from the chalk mark. He failed to do so and thus Hamkam suffered a third consecutive loss after losing 3-7 away to Viking and 0-4 at home to Molde in their last two league matches. On Tuesday, Vålerenga waits away.

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