June 6, 2023


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Drammen debate | No one takes your room from you mom

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No, it is Nobody takes your room from you, Mom.

This sentence has I told my insane mother every time she asked, and thus made her confident that here at the Friedholt Center for Housing and Service, she would be allowed to live until her death. This was confirmed by the municipality of Drammen when it came to Friedholt.

Kirsten wouldn’t do that Moved Over: Friedholt is her home for the rest of her life. She is now 98 years old.

We were of course Very happy to hear the municipality say this. The mother lived at home until she was 95 years old. Lots of medication is needed to keep elderly people who cannot take care of themselves to live at home. In the spring of 2019, she received so much treatment that her body and mind collapsed. He went straight to the ground.

Responds to proposals to close nursing homes: – provocative

It was way from there A round dance in order with a lot of insecurities and traumatic experiences for all of us, before finally getting a permanent spot in Friedholt. At Friedholt, she came out of therapy, received care, nursing, security, and, yes, a new life.

Mom has it Nice now, she is in a good environment, in a good room that we have furnished so that she feels at home and surrounded by a wonderful and dedicated professional environment who has time to be there for her, which gives her care, care and dignity.

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Thursday 12 May We learned that Drammen municipality has decided to close a ward for the 14 residents of Fredholt – to save money. These are 14 of our most vulnerable and vulnerable people. It would be a disaster for many of them. The municipality’s decision is not just a breach of municipal promises, it is a decision that puts life and health at risk.

Irene (77) called the Chairman of the Main Committee in frustration: – I said frankly that it was crazy to bring down Friedholt.

who knows At least in terms of geriatrics, know that the elderly, in addition to dementia, often also have other underlying diseases. These people can tolerate very little before their health deteriorates significantly, only an unfortunate small event can change the condition. This is what those who work at Friedholt know. It is clear that the politicians in the municipality do not know.

The municipality will throw 14 of our most vulnerable are in a state of insecurity, with their lives and health at risk, plus another 14 are short-term, which will greatly increase the burden on already exhausted relatives. To attack the most fragile and vulnerable, who can not even speak for themselves, to save money, it simply does not work out. What do we politicians have if they can’t take care of the most vulnerable of us?

original in Name Fit, on behalf of the 14 permanent residents of Friedholt, short-term residents of Friedholt and their relatives, that the municipality reconsider and reflect its decision.

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