Drammen needs a full Crisis Center show

Drammen needs a full Crisis Center show

Opinions: Anders Wengen
Drummen left

Opinions: Crisis Centre. word savor. It’s a show you don’t want to need. truly. It is the place to run when someone close to you and possibly your children subject you to physical and psychological violence. So serious and so long that you have to flee. Maybe he hid too. Those who need this service are among the weakest and most vulnerable among us. Of all races, at all ages and with all functional differences.

If you find yourself in this situation in Drammen Today, you may be fleeing to the Crisis Center in Drammen. A place where you expect peace, where you and your children can receive care and security. The body has visible or invisible signs of what you ran away from, and the soul is full of scars. You need comfort, support, and perhaps the opportunity to wash yourself and your young children.

But the show at Drammen is not As one should expect. There are no bathrooms for everyone, the rooms are hard to access and the standard is very low. The women’s center actually has two showers and two toilets in a 10-room subdivision. Where the shower is with the toilet so if a woman takes a shower there is only one toilet available for 9 rooms. Each room can accommodate a mother with 3 children.

If you or your children have mobility impairments There is no room, play area or shower. And if you’re a guy who escaped alone or with kids, you’ll leave yourself parts of the day. No one is there to take care of you if you are too tired from stress, lack of sleep, and bad thoughts to see the needs of children. In the women’s center they have at least 24 hour security, but not if you are a man with children who need care.

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In the municipalities around Drammen they have for a long time I got a building that ensures that everyone who comes there, both adults and children, is taken care of around the clock and maintains some of their dignity. And there is no debate whether buildings are designed for all people, regardless of career level.

Before Christmas, Drammen Municipality will decide What will the Crisis Center offer in the future? In this case, it is debated whether it would be a good idea to just make some arrangements, so that women with disabilities have access to bathrooms, elevators, and 24-hour care. On the other hand, if you are a man, alone or with children, the suggestion is that you should continue to have it as it is now. There, no one should have their own bathroom, chat rooms, game rooms, youth or day care rooms. Nor will global adaptation be prioritized there. Men exposed to violence must not have disabilities or children, if the Chancellor’s suggestion is adopted.

The alternative is for all other municipalities to do so Do who own shelters around us. Build, or rent a building, alternatively, that could house a crisis center that could actually make a good show for the voiceless in our society. It would cost more than keeping what we have today. How uncertain, because with this solution we can sell the real estate that we currently use for shelters. But it will be more costly than continuing with a show that doesn’t take into account that everyone, regardless of gender, age or employment level – that doesn’t give vulnerable children and adults the protection and security they need.

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In the Liberal Party we want the municipal council You must adopt a solution that gives everyone a good view. Therefore, Finster would like to suggest the following when dealing with this: A unified crisis center in a building where staff are used efficiently, everyone gets a place and everyone experiences the safety they need, regardless of gender, age or employment level.

Anders Wengen
Drummen left

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