Drillo, Accounting | Ken Olsen Videlden on her father Drillo:

Drillo, Accounting |  Ken Olsen Videlden on her father Drillo:

Ken Olsen thinks her father is a big mouth and vehemently denies that she is a money lender.

When mentioned Nettavisen 2019 accounts for Drillo In May last year, he stated that he does not make money from other people’s work. But Drilo joked that he had a house, a cottage, two cars, and a 25-year-old daughter who asked for a lot of money (Kine Olsen Vedelden, editor’s note.).

In 2020, the former national team coach had to endure the stock market crash, but he doubled his turnover. When asked if he still had an expensive daughter, Drillo replied:

She went out and bought herself Apartment with Tom (Hilda, editor’s note). But I have a house, two cabins, two cars, and it costs money. The pension I receive is 31,000 – 32,000 NOK per month. The expenses I have are not enough, so I have to speculate on the income.

There is no money laundering

Kine Olsen Vedelden is currently studying law, earned her master’s degree and completed her law degree this summer. In the face of her father’s words, she replied softly in her eye:

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– It is first and foremost a big mouth. I don’t want to get dressed as the biggest drain on his money. At the same time, I am his only daughter, so I sometimes appreciate him for pampering me.

All parents in Norway think it is fun to play with their daughters. But his car and TV cost a lot more than me. He likes to simply present himself, but in fact he is a luxurious animal.

And the fancy animal did really well last year. Drillo’s company, Drillo AS, is categorized under “Fitness Centers and Other Sports Activities”». The most successful coach of the Norwegian men’s national football team is still active as an expert commentator and gives lectures and competitions.

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So, the online newspaper had to ask him a test question within his favorite geography topic:

There are two independent countries in Europe that do not have common letters in the name of the country and the name of the capital, which are countries? What Drillo answered, you can read at the bottom of the issue.

But in terms of financing, Drillo AS annual accounts show that operating revenue increased from NOK 400,000 in 2019 to NOK 1.09 million in 2020. Operating profit for the period more than tripled to NOK 1.02 million,


– I’m very happy last year, and he looks good this year too. I give lectures and contests, and then I start making money selling Drilo ice cream again. In the 1990s, it sold as many as 8 million, Drillo says.

In the financial market, things did not go well for the red sympathizer In 2019, it can enjoy more than 1 million financial income from investments. Last year, he had to write the fund’s investments in the amount of just over 100,000 kroner. As a result, profit before tax fell from NOK 1.39 million in 2019 to NOK 979,000 last year.

By the end of 2020, Drillo had invested 4 million NOK in the financial markets, down from 4.67 million NOK in the previous year. We are talking about fund investments.

– I don’t follow at all. I have a fund at Danske Bank, which has a 20 percent stake, says Drillo.

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Lots of benefits

In addition, at the beginning of the year, he had just over 400,000 NOK in his bank account. As of December 31, 2020, Drillo AS had written equity of approximately NOK 4 million.

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Drillo indulged in a dividend last year of 800,000 crowns, up from 600,000 crowns in 2019. He did not receive his 2020 salary.

Despite the financial investments, Drillo has never hidden his political sympathies. He was for a time politically active in the ultra-radical AKP movement and said in recent years that he sympathized with the Red Party. In a TV interview in the 1990s, He was asked if he was still a communist.

over there

– Well, that’s the answer.

– As you know, communist is a charged term, which can usually be defined in cabin and weather. If one makes it very simple, you can say that I believe in group, believe in solidarity and take the side of the weakest in most conflicts in this world of significance, I am a communist.

– But communism in the sense that everyone feels the same, everyone should wear a coat and that, so I stay away from that. Of course, Drillo says in the video, it’s ridiculous.

– But are you happy with the election result for Red? Nettavisen asks.

– I am very pleased with the elections and that they crossed the threshold.

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No goals for the national team

Now, Eagle Roger Olsen’s age is 79 years old. Educated as a football coach, he studied German and French and obtained a degree in sports at the Norwegian Sports Academy, where he became an associate professor in 1982. Drilo also has the highest coaching education in Norway, the UEFA Pro license.

As a player, the working-class son of the East Side of Fredrikstad was active in the East Side, Valerenga, Frigg, Sarpsborg and Hassel-Lorraine. As an active player, he won 16 national matches, but did not score any goals.

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How close are you to scoring goals in the national team?

– I may have been too close, but I had a rather strange run with the national team, with early and late matches in my career. I didn’t get any internationals when I was at my best, says Drillo, who didn’t play for the national team when he was between 22 and 29.

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ups and downs

Drilo led the national team in the periods 1990-1998 and 2009-2013, and he also coached the Iraqi national football team. In 2000, he was fired from his coaching job at Wimbledon, then owned by Røkke- and Gjelsten.

In addition, Drillo has coached a number of Norwegian clubs, including Oslo clubs Lyn, Vålerenga and Frigg.

Who do you think will win the Elite Series this year?

– There are probably five teams fighting at the top, but I think it’s between Bodo-Glimt, Molde and Rosenborg. Kristiansund is the big surprise. Then I say like Benny Lennartson when asked this question:


– I am a football coach, not a fortune teller.

Is it a crossroads that the smaller clubs are doing well?

– But it’s also fun, Drilo replies.

And then there was the answer to the test question:

It must be Poland (Warsaw) and Liechtenstein (Vaduz), coming after a second of thought, from the man who stubbornly claims to know more about geography than football.

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