Drive carefully – Viji

Drive carefully - Viji
Storm in the mountains: It will rain with strong winds on Sunday.

Autumn vacations begin with solid storms in the mountains and lowlands. Get ready for a lot of rain and very strong winds this weekend.


– Sunday should be an indoor day. Aslak Scholevik, a meteorologist working at the Meteorological Center, warns that this is not the day to travel to the mountains.

Weather forecast warnings are in line for early autumn holidays.

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Keep your hat on: There is a yellow alert for both heavy rain and high winds in the lowlands and mountains this weekend.

On Sunday, the yellow level was awarded, Risk Level 2, includes mountainous areas, from Rogland in the south to the Northland in the north. Then a small storm blows evenly, with strong winds.

On the edge of the hurricane, strong winds – 27-33 m / s are blowing at Rockland and Trondheim.

Winds of 27-30 m / s are expected in the Westland, Mere Oak Romstall and the Northland.

Already on Friday night, police said driving conditions were challenging due to the weather.

– Drive carefully tonight. Tonight there are challenging driving conditions due to the weather in some places. We receive reports of fallen trees across the road in Westby and Vellore. Remember that someone is waiting for you wherever you go, the police in the East wrote on Twitter 21.07.

Operations Manager Derje Marstad says police have not received any reports of accidents related to the weather, but emphasizes the importance of driving carefully in situations such as:

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Autumn in eastern Norway today. Lots of water and high winds, and we have received reports of trees falling from large areas of the police district. We continue to take this, but there are all sorts of reasons to drive carefully.

Crushed: A tent was taken by the wind with the Midgart Viking Center in Horton.

Westfold Inter Municipal Fire Brigade also reported strong winds.

The tent that stood on top of a vehicle was blown away by the strong wind and ended up on the roof of the Midgard Viking Center. Firefighter Henrik Osseberg says we removed and protected the tent. Remember to protect objects from both rain and wind, They write on Twitter after kl. 19.30.

Bucket in the east

In addition, it gets very wet. This will offset it in large areas of eastern Norway.

Oslo, Agarshas and Østfold have a yellow alert for heavy rain from Friday to Saturday. Look at the umbrella; It can reach 40-50 millimeters a day.

On Sunday it will be even worse, and the yellow risk level continues.

Local, 50-70 mm rainfall is expected in Akhtar, Telemark, Buskerud, Westfold, Oslo, Agarshas and Obland from night to Sunday and Sunday evening.

Meteorologist Scholastic Valvet explains that such large-scale rainfall occurs only once every five years.

Risk of flooding and landslides

The Meteorological Agency recommends Saturday as the best day to drive to the mountains. Friday will be lightly cloudy in the mountains, with strong winds blowing in the southwest. Saturday will be better for the time being.

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On Sundays, there is a risk of flooding and there is already high water flow. The NVE Orange has warned of flood danger level 3 in parts of southern and eastern Norway.

Yellow is present, meaning large areas of eastern Norway are at risk of landslides.

Clean drains and clean gardens

Injury prevention therapist Therese Nielsen at the insurance company Fremtind recommends cleaning sewers and drains. Materials, scraps and branches should also be removed from the garden, Nielsen says, and he is asking people to take care of drains and sinks.

He also recommends removing valuables from foundations and garages.

– At the very least you should pick up items from the floor or in waterproof containers. Cover the doors and windows of the basement and consider sealing with sandbags in poor condition, Nielsen tells NTP.

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Autumn holidays make it rain for many

Not entirely hopeless

There does not appear to be a significant improvement in vision.

– There is a strong depression further south in the North Sea, but it is somewhat uncertain where it will hit the road. Low pressure is in the conveyor belt and there is currently no high pressure ridge, says meteorologist Aslak Scholevic Vold.

There is little comfort in her stomach.

– It does not become completely hopeless all the time.

Residential Weather: During the autumn holidays you can take a trip in the beautiful autumn colors in the mountains between low pressures and rain.

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