Drone, bullets | Helicopters have replaced laser drones – they are now flying around Skien

Drone, bullets |  Helicopters have replaced laser drones - they are now flying around Skien

Until September 28, drones equipped with laser beams will fly around the municipality of Skåne. Previously, it was helicopters that had the same mission, but this year Led has found that drones are more effective.

The drones now launched will examine the high voltage network, which consists of 1,400 km of overhead networks and 3,000 km of cable networks.

Drones are a collective term for unmanned aerial vehicles that can be controlled by remote control or fly autonomously using software, sensors, and the Global Positioning System (GPS).

The drones, equipped with lasers, must be able to provide accurate information about location, any damage to vegetation, altitudes over terrain and approaches.

– It saves time, is safer and gives us a better overview, says Maintenance Manager Morten Gøytil for the Lede website.

Or not

In addition to laser scanning, drones must also photograph every mast point in the municipality. Lede was also the first network company to use drones to monitor high-voltage power lines in the municipality. They have already done so in 2020.

– We constantly focus on the best tool for our use, choosing the one that best suits our needs. It depends on what tool it is, but we’re seeing more and more advantages with the use of drones, now that technology development has taken care of our security needs, says Gøytil.

On their website, Lede also reported that they drove the flow to 210,000 customers in Vestfold, Greenland, Svelvik and Hjartdal. To maintain a safe power supply, we conduct annual inspections of power lines. This year, helicopters have been replaced by drones.

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