Dry floor mop over French fries

Dry floor mop over French fries

A disgusting cleaning maneuver at a McDonald's restaurant in Australia has caused a frenzy on the internet.

One restaurant employee chose to dry the floor mop with a heat lamp over the container of French fries.

The issue has been discussed in many international media, including: Sky News.

It hasn't happened in 38 years

The photo was posted in an Australian Facebook group. The employee is not anonymous.

According to Sky News, it will be about one of the chain's restaurants in the city of Ipswich.

– I'm not surprised

A five-second clip of the mop fade was also attached in the comments section.

– I'm not surprised… The cleanliness in many McDonald's restaurants is disgusting, says one person.

Reveals the secret menu: - Amazing

Reveals the secret menu: – Amazing

– The place is dirty. They used to take pride in running their businesses clean, but that seems to have changed, another wrote.

Others take the opportunity to joke about everything.

– “I Love Him”, the secret ingredient, one joke.

-I'll have some extra cheese on my mop, thanks.

I took the necessary measures

Sky News has been in contact with a spokesperson for the chain. They confirm that they have implemented measures to improve cooking and hygiene procedures in the restaurant in question.

Month: This is not something you see every day, a cow on its way to McDonald's. Video: Dagbladet / Viralhog.
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McDonald's takes food safety very seriously, and we follow strict cleaning, disinfection and hygiene procedures in all restaurants.

They must have asked all the staff in the restaurant to complete a new hygiene course.

-This was a one-time incident, and we will continue to work with the restaurant to make sure this does not happen again.

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