Dry shampoo warnings: – It can die

Dry shampoo warnings: – It can die

– Don’t do it, you risk your life, says Johanna Nordmark Grass Aftonbladet.

She’s a senior physician at Sweden’s Poisons Information Center, and points to a trend that has developed among young adults — sniffing sugar dry shampoos.

The Swedish newspaper writes that there are more and more young Swedes who are getting drunk from inhaling dry shampoo, as well as other household products that contain gas.

Kulturens hus in Luleå had to go so far as to close the toilets, as well as call in extra guards so that staff didn’t have to run around chasing people away.

Warnings: – May cause poisoning

On Thursday, two schoolchildren were taken to hospital after an accident at a school in Luleå, Aftonbladet writes. Soon after, the Poisons Information Center sent warningIt was stated that the gas can lead to cardiac arrest and, in the worst case, death.

– You can become really bad. It’s dangerous for the heart and you could die the first time you try it, says the Swedish paper’s chief physician.

She says they’ve also noticed an increase in questions about dry shampoo from kids through high school age recently.

The supervisor encourages everyone to call 112 if you suspect or discover someone has inhaled dry shampoo.

– This is something you could die from, Nordmark Grass points out to Aftonbladet.

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