Dubai Princess Latifa: The turning point of the kidnapping drama! Are you on vacation here in Spain? – Royals

In February, Princess Latifa (35) complained that she was being held hostage behind barred windows in a villa in Dubai in a secretly recorded video …

Now a photo is said to show Latifa at the Madrid airport (Spain) – uploaded by her travel companion Zionet Taylor on Instagram. “Greatest holiday in Europe with Latifa. Written by a former British Marine who works as a teacher in Dubai.

“She’s fine,” Taylor wrote in a comment below the photo. In late May, he also posted a photo with Latifa, showing both of them at a seafood restaurant in Dubai, according to the author.

Three years ago, the daughter of Amir Sheikh Mohammed, 75, tried to leave Dubai. She was only seen again when she spoke with a video. In the video, he said his passport had been confiscated and he was not allowed to leave Dubai without his father’s permission. Numerous activists campaigned for their release.

Latifa: “I can travel anywhere”

In the meantime she seems to have gained more freedom.

“I recently went on vacation to three European countries with my girlfriend. I asked her to post some photos to prove to the enthusiasts that I can travel wherever I want. I hope I can live my life in peace without media surveillance. Thank you all for your kind greetings “, wrote Princess Latifa”Times“In a statement.

The organization “Free Latifa”, founded by Latifa’s friends, has received photos and messages from the Princess of Dubai. “We are delighted that Latifa has a passport, can travel and enjoy more and more freedom. These are very positive steps forward. I can confirm that many members of the Latifa organization have been in direct contact,” said David Hay, a British lawyer and Latifa founder of the Times Free Latifa group. Wants to work, but otherwise has stopped its work.

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While her attempt to escape was unsuccessful, Latifa said she had already recorded a video in 2018 …Photo: / ab

... In it he accuses his father Sheikh Mohammed of killing his brother

… In it he accuses his father Sheikh Mohammed of killing his brotherPhoto: AFP

Princess Latifa was one of the 25 children of Emir Sheikh Mohammed – not the first person to escape his brutal rule. In 2000, Muhammad’s daughter Shamsa tried to leave her property in England. A few days later he was abducted in Cambridge and imprisoned in Dubai for eight years. Princess Haya of Jordan, Mohammed’s sixth concubine, left for London in 2019 with her children and மில்லியன் 35 million, seeking a divorce and seeking asylum there.

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