February 6, 2023


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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry:-

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry:-

On Wednesday, the Duchess visited Megan (40) “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, which was a surprise to many, especially after the controversy opera interview With her husband earlier this year.

During her visit to the talk show queen, she talked about her daughter Lillipet (5 months) and son Archie (2).

However, she also revealed a fun event that happened five years ago Prince Harry (37).

Appears: In the trailer for Prince Harry’s new mental health documentary series, This Is Me You Can’t See, Meghan and Archie appear. Video: Apple +
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– I had to hide us

At the time, no one knew that the duo had started dating, and the relationship should remain confidential until further notice. Before announcing the relationship, the Duke couple wanted to have a little fun.

in a YouTube clips From the interview, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, 63, is aiming more closely at the Halloween party the Duke couple was going to.

– Harry came to meet me in Toronto, and our friends – his cousin Eugenie (Princess Eugenie, magazines.) Her husband, Jack, also came. Meghan revealed that the four of us snuck out in Halloween costumes just for a fun night on the town before the world knew we were a couple.

According to Megan, they did not manage to be noticed that they were hiding behind the costumes.

– It was a post-apocalyptic theme, so we wore all these very weird costumes and could simply have one fun last night, she continues.

surprises: In the first episode of the Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan podcast, we hear something completely unexpected at the end. Video: AP / NTB SCANPIX
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quiet celebration

But in recent years, Halloween celebrations have become a lot quieter for the couple.

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This year they stayed home with their son Archie and daughter Lillipet. It also appears in the interview that DeGeneres took a trip to the Duke’s couple on Halloween.

– We wanted to do something for the kids, but they weren’t interested at all. Archie has been a dinosaur for maybe five minutes, not even for five minutes really. While Lily was a little skunk, like Flower from “Bambi,” Megan says with a laugh.

speak aloud: Thomas Markle speaks after the interview with Harry and Meghan. Video: ITV
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