June 8, 2023


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Duchess Meghan sent a letter to King Charles after the scandalous interview

In March 2021, Prince Harry (38 years old) and Duchess Meghan (41 years old) appeared in a very honest interview with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey (69).

against Harry’s accusations

The interview sent shock waves through ‘the whole’ world, and was among the first major revelations the Duke and Duchess made about the British royal family – and how they felt about the treatment.

Harry Hope: The response to King Charles led to further speculation about the relationship between father and son. Video: Twitter.
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Among the statements made during the interview that made headlines was Meghan’s claim that family members had expressed concerns about how dark the complexion of their son Archie, three, was.

- I brought the brains to a boil

– I brought the brains to a boil

Now many British media are writing, among others independentthat Meghan should have sent a letter to King Charles (74) in which she expressed concern about what she described as unconscious prejudices in the family.

She reportedly sent the message after talking about the interview with Oprah.

broken: Prince Harry reveals the details of his fight with his brother, Prince William, on the talk show “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Video: Pluto TV
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The allegations caused an unprecedented crisis in the British monarchy.

Telegrams The source claims the exchange of letters is part of the reason Meghan did not attend Charles and Camilla, 75,’s coronation in May, and also claims that Meghan feels she has not received a satisfactory enough response to her concerns.

- Kate and Megan refused to come

– Kate and Megan refused to come

Furthermore, she says Meghan’s letter should have been sent as a response to a letter from Charles, in which he expressed his grief over the split in the family.

a lot: Look and be heard Royal House expert Caroline Fagel believes Prince Harry is very much involved in Spear. Correspondent: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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It is also said that a family member who was said to have questioned skin color was named in Meghan’s letter. Reportedly, both the Duchess and Charles acknowledged that the comment was not made maliciously, according to The Telegraph.

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Trauma reveal: - Blame Megan

Trauma reveal: – Blame Megan

After the interview, Prince Harry repeatedly denied accusing members of the royal family of racism. In January at the latest.

tractor: There has been much talk about the documentary premiering of “Harry and Meghan” on Netflix on December 8th.
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In an interview with Tom Brady, the presenter said that Harry accused the family of racism during the interview with Oprah. Harry replied:

Where is Megan?

Where is Megan?

– No I didn’t. It was the British press that wrote.

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