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Guest: Duchess Meghan with Ellen DeGeneres in an interview filmed this week.

Ellen DeGeneres’ visit has been a kept secret — until now.


The TV show has now released a teaser clip showing that Duchess Meghan, 40, has taken over as the talk show host (63).

The full interview will be shown on Thursday. This is the second major TV interview that Meghan and Prince Harry have given after her In April, she gave an interview to Oprah Winfrey (67)..

What the topics are now, and whether the conversation revolves around the royal feuds the couple have faced in the past two years, is uncertain. In the clip now released, Meghan is seen reminiscing about less glamorous times when she was a budding TV actress in Los Angeles and auditioning.

Not least, there have been many hopeful visits to Warner Bros. , where DeGeneres broadcasts his talk show.

– I had a very old Ford Explorer Sport, and at one point the driver’s side locking started to strike. Then it wasn’t possible to get that way, so I used to park in the back of the parking lot here and crawl through the trunk, says a laughing Megan.

In the same way, she had to crawl on all the seats to get out.

Megan also remembers that the security guards outside the Warner Bros. building were used to her.

– They always said “Break a leg (good luck), I hope you get it!”. So, driving here today was a completely different experience, as the Duchess told DeGeneres, as after This season – the nineteenth in a row – adds up.

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Host: Ellen DeGeneres got the scoop.

Megan of America had to do it He finishes his acting career and his role in the series “Badla”. When she became engaged to the British Prince.

Since then, a lot has happened about the prince and princess. Not least, they’ve moved on from the royal family and moved to California. The separation from royal duties means the Prince and Duchess are freer to work on their own. They have created their own fund and have a number of new projects to pursue, including book publishing.

Megan according to daily Mail Wearing an Oscar De La Renta blouse over black pants during the TV visit.

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