Duchess Meghan’s father sued after collaborating on fake paparazzi photos – VG

Duchess Meghan's father sued after collaborating on fake paparazzi photos - VG
Icefront: Thomas Markle has not seen his daughter Meghan since she married Prince Harry in 2018.

Thomas Markle, 76, will go to court against the photo agency with which he made a secret deal in 2018.


The photos of Thomas Markle, who were supposed to be taken in an alley, have attracted attention before Meghan and Harry’s wedding Three and a half years ago.

Thomas Markle later admitted that he planned to take the photo with the photo agency, and that he only pretended not to know it was being photographed. How much he paid is unknown, but the photos are said to have been sold for large sums to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail.

On Tuesday, Markle delivered according to USA TODAY Handwritten lawsuit to Los Angeles Superior Court. There, Markle accuses photo agency Coleman-Rayner of violating their agreement by not allowing Markle to approve the photos prior to their publication at the time.

The Duchess’ father also writes in the lawsuit he mentioned too daily monsterHe didn’t get paid well enough. According to the agreement he agreed to, he allegedly received a promise of 30 percent of income from all future sales of the photos in question.

Requires millions

Markle further alleged in the lawsuit that he suffered a heart attack due to the alleged breach of contract. He also believes the affair made him an open mockery – at the same time that it cost him the affair with his daughter and son-in-law.

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Thomas Markle is claiming nearly nine million kronor in damages from the agency.

Thomas Markle this spring: – She never stopped loving my daughter

Agency refuses

In a written statement to USA Today, Coleman Rayner said the lawsuit “clearly makes no sense.” The company also wrote that Markle, USA Today, and anyone else publishing details of the lawsuit should be held liable for defaming Coleman-Rayner.

Markle has not appointed a lawyer, but represents himself in the case.

this summer Markle’s lawsuit was notified And also against the daughter, because he is not allowed to see his grandchildren. However, he did not take this matter seriously.

They don’t see each other

It was Thomas Markle’s close relationship with the tabloids in particular He created a great distance between him and his daughter. Markle A handwritten message was also leaked From Megan to the press, where she expressed her desperation over just this.

Megan sued the Daily Mail over this letter – won.

A picture of Markle in May 2018, days before the wedding where he did not attend, showed the 76-year-old while he was training, on a shopping trip and flipping her through a picture book about England.

These days, Meghan’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. (55), has appeared in the Australian reality series ‘Big Brother VIP’. This way he will do Show the sister that he has refined it. The 55-year-old goes to great lengths to apologize for his stunts in the media.

Meghan has not seen her father since before her wedding to Prince Harry.

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