Duchess Meghan’s new podcast is being slaughtered

Duchess Meghan's new podcast is being slaughtered

It’s time for this week Premiere of Duchess Megan’s latest project (41)specifically podcast “originals” – something that many have been waiting for for months.

However, reception was relatively lukewarm. Reviewer in The Times, James Marriott, among others, gave the podcast one out of five potential stars.

Now author Olivia Peter has made her verdict, too—and she’s not impressed, either. in does not depend on She literally slayed the Duchess’ first episode.

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“It’s ‘unfiltered.’ It’s ‘pioneering.’ It’s… the 57th most festive soundtrack for yourself you’ll hear all year.”

This is how Peter begins the review.

In the first episode, Meghan visits her “best friend” Serena Williams, and there’s talk of motherhood, ambitions, and feminism.

However, Peter believes that the lack of nuance and genuine commitment from Meghan herself means the whole thing will fall apart. She believes the Duchess is not the best to pursue the feminist movement.

“As she (often) will tell you, Meghan is a feminist. But unlike Gloria Steinem and all the other feminist icons, Meghan’s understanding of ideology seems almost exclusively about herself,” the author wrote in the review.

surprises: On the first episode of the Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan podcast, I finally heard something completely unexpected. Video: AP / NTB SCANPIX
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– brag about yourself

According to Peter, the Duchess tells on the podcast about an incident when she was 11, and sent a letter to a company that owns a soap brand that made what she thought was sexist advertising — which may have been the cause. The ad was later changed.

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Peter stresses that she understands that it would be great if the message could have such an impact, if that was the reason for the change.

“But was it really necessary for Megan to start a feminist podcast by telling us how feminist she is? (…) My point is that throughout this entire podcast, it seems Megan doesn’t understand drawing. What is being promoted as a feminist podcast looks so far It’s nothing more than an exercise in self-aggrandizement. It’s more about promoting the host than anyone else. Isn’t that exactly the kind of feminism we’ve been trying to get away from?”, asks the reviewer.

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In conclusion, Peter sums up by saying that she believes the fight for feminism, then revolving around women with ambitions, is outdated. She asserts that she is not among the “Meghan haters”, but simply expected more.

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