DuckDuckGo Browser is ready for beta use for Mac – with one tick


DuckDuckGo, the company that has for several years owned a security and privacy-focused search engine primarily, has released a browser for Mac. Right now, it’s only in beta, and you’ll have to be on a waiting list to get access to it. A Windows version should be on the way as well.

All in one solution

So far, the company has made it big as a search engine that promises privacy by default, with various features that prevent you from being tracked and bombarded with requests to accept data cookie collection. Now they’re turning the concept into a full-fledged browser as well, as they say they now offer an “all-in-one” solution for privacy and security, completely without complicated menus with settings.

Lacks extensions support

Additionally, they say a number of new features are being introduced with the browser, which is said to use 60 percent less data than Google Chrome.

According to the company, the browser should not be able to access user history, bookmarks, and passwords. In addition, users can check which websites they visited and which attempted to track your activity.

DuckDuckGo Browser Trial does not support extensions like many other popular browsers.

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