Durek Verrett: – Opinion changed after Märtha’s report

Durek Verrett: - Opinion changed after Märtha's report

On Tuesday evening, Shaman left Durek Verret (47), fiance of Princess Martha Louise (51).Broadcast live on Instagram There he criticized the Norwegian press.

Durek and Marta have recently made several big headlines in the Norwegian media. It is said to have caused a media frenzy Crisis meetings at the fortAccording to Se og Hør, it was reportedly discussed whether Märtha should be allowed to keep her princess title.

Shaman’s criticism comes after publishing a case with the title Se og Hør “Pressuring Martha to Go Against the Family”. During a live broadcast on Instagram, he says that the Norwegian press is spreading lies about him and his work.

Silence: Princess Martha Louise refused to answer questions about her fiance Durek Veret on Wednesday.
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Reverse statement

In the case of Se og Hør, which he reacted to, Turek is reportedly planning to make a TV series called “The Princess and the Shaman”. However, plans for the series fell apart when Martha Louise was stripped of the title of princess.

– The media is trying to say that I am building a business around Princess Martha. This is absolutely crazy because no one in America cares about the Norwegian royal family. Or royalty in general. “My business didn’t get better because I started dating the princess, it got worse,” he said during the live broadcast.

When Durek and Martha appeared in a lengthy television interview with TV2 earlier this fall, it was also clear that the wife-to-be’s princess title did not contribute to the money at the box office. At the same time, he pointed out that Martha’s role in Norwegian society was already established among most Americans.

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That’s the exact opposite of what Durek said on Tuesday evening’s live broadcast.

– I don’t sell products with her name, but in America she is called Princess Martha, that’s what people want to hear in America. “It’s very important for me to acknowledge her existence,” he told TV2.

Favorite Words: Durek Verret revealed his favorite thing in Norwegian on the red carpet. Video: Nora Scawhawk
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Great interest in America

In a TV 2 interview, Durek highlighted Martha’s grandmother of the same name – and her close relationship with America and President Roosevelt – as a link to his future wife.

– I feel there is a connection to her presence in America, what the American people see and what they want to see from her. So I mention her.

Nevertheless, Durek said in a live broadcast on Instagram that “no one in America cares about the Norwegian royal family.” Despite this, the couple has appeared in several interviews with American magazines, including the magazine Vanity Fair And Talk Show “Damron Hall”.

During press and talk shows, Martha Louise was said to be a princess. Gossip magazines in America, among others PeopleHe has also written many articles about the princess.

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Will respond to reviews

The editor in charge at Se og Hør, Ulf Andersen, was presented with Durek’s critique.

– Shaman Durek certainly can’t have strong opinions about Se og Hør, but he can’t help but mention the play at Slottet because he’s not satisfied with the coverage. We fully guarantee coverage. As for our coverage of his health, it was unanimously endorsed by the PFU.

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However, Anderson disagrees with Durek’s statement that Americans don’t care.

– We disagree with Durek that Americans don’t care about the Norwegian royal house in particular, or European royal houses in general. By contrast, Americans are absolutely wild for royalty. That’s why Turek applied for the Shaman and Princess trademark. We will continue to focus on this business activity. It is part of our social mission.

Anger: Durek Verrett and Märtha Louise talk about the backlash they faced after announcing their engagement. Video: Instagram/@shamandurek
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– Having said this, I have nothing against Durek Verret actively participating in the public debate, but we see this happening on its own publishing platforms and without important questions. Durek is more than welcome to be interviewed here on Se og Hør, but he has so far declined.

Dagbladet has so far tried to get a comment from Durek Verrett’s manager Tanya Ghani.

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