Durek Verrett Surprises – Writes a Family Letter That Sparks Reaction

Durek Verrett Surprises – Writes a Family Letter That Sparks Reaction

Christmas is a solemn and important time for many.

Whether it’s a tight schedule with traditions to follow, or you just want to have fun on the couch with Christmas movies on TV, family, gratitude, and fun are the focus for most people.

For the royal family, there are often many traditions to follow, but for Martha Louise and the kids, Christmas will be different this year.

They are in Los Angeles, USA, where they are spending Christmas holidays with Martha Louise’s friend, Derek Ferrett.

And now Durek Verrett has shared a cute Christmas greeting – with a surprise.

Exchange Christmas greetings

Previously, Durek was the one who traveled to Norway to celebrate Christmas with Märtha Louise and the kids, but this year, four Norwegian ladies have made the trip to Los Angeles.

Given that the family is finally planning to settle in the American city, it may not be so strange.

Perhaps Christmas is not celebrated in the big, glamorous city quite like it is here in Norway, and it may not be as popular with snow in, say, warm California.

Durek Verrett posted on his Instagram account a photo of himself and Princess Märtha Louise, standing in a living room decorated with Christmas.

Both wear elegant ornaments and smile widely in front of a white Christmas tree and a large pile of gifts.

And in the post’s text, he surprises Feret, showing that he’s making good arrangements for his Norwegian family to thrive around Christmas time.

For Durek, the publication opens with writing in Norwegian. “Merry Christmas!” , written at the beginning of the text.

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Moreover, he writes in English, which is translated below.

Merry Christmas! Everyone. We wish you a holiday full of love and blessings. Celebrate your loved ones and the life you have. Appreciate every moment you have dear. Life is a gift if you choose to see it that way. Love is the greatest gift. Remember that.
Tribe, do you want to look at love in a greater spirit? ’,” Ferret writes in the publication.

creates feedback

The wonderful post creates reactions, in both Norwegian and English. In just a few hours, it has received more than 2,400 likes and many comments.

“Happy Birthday,” someone writes in Norwegian.

Another person writes in English “Happy holidays and all the blessings”.

A third wrote, “Happy Birthday to an adorable couple ❤️❤️🙌”.

Among the many who have tagged similar on Instagram is Martha Louise’s middle daughter, Lea Isadora (16 years old). She’s of course in LA with Martha Louise and Doric Ferret, as well as her siblings.

Yesterday, she posted a separate post on Instagram, in which she shared some pictures of herself in an emerald green Christmas outfit with an amazing view of the American city in the background.

She also shares a photo of the living room, where you can see the Christmas tree in all its glory.

Apparently the whole family is booming in Los Angeles this Christmas! We wish you all a wonderful celebration and a Happy New Year!

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