Dutch city bans meat ads

Dutch city bans meat ads

– We will be the first city in the Netherlands – in fact the first in Europe and the world to ban ads for “harmful” meat in public places, says city councilman Ziggy Klaese of GroenLinks (the green left), who put forward a proposal.

Haarlem has a population of 160,000, which is not far from Amsterdam.

The municipality has now banned advertising for meat that comes from intensive farming. The ban applies in public places such as buses, bus stops, and screens. The order was approved by the city council in November of last year, but it has only recently been implemented.

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Clazes explains that the decision means the municipality can no longer make money from renting out the city’s public spaces for products that increase global warming. According to her, the ban affects all “cheap meat from intensive farming.”

“As far as I know, advertising includes fast-food chains,” she says.

The city has not yet decided whether to ban ads for organic meat.


Other cities in the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam and The Hague, have already banned ads for flights, petrol and fossil fuel cars.

The Dutch meat industry has criticized the new decision. Not all local politicians are behind it either.

– Joy Rademaker, representative of the right-wing BVNL party, says banning ads for political reasons is almost dictatorial.

The experts also questioned whether the decision violated freedom of expression.

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