June 8, 2023


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Dyson says they’re working with robots that can clean your house

release? “Once in the future.”

So, setting the table yourself is only 2025.

When you hear the name Dyson, you probably think of the name Dyson first Vacuum Cleaner or a hand dryer. But the birds know it’s a company that’s also behind a number of weird things, like the pig’s table lamp and not least the Dyson Zone — a pair of noise-canceling headphones with a personal air purification system.

But what many did not realize is that the British company is also spending a lot of resources on research and investment in robot technology and artificial intelligence.

No, we haven’t seen much practical exit from it yet. Yes, a robotic vacuum cleaner that can go up stairs would be great, but if we knew the prices of the Dyson, it would be cheaper to have one on each floor instead.

According to Dyson himself, who recently joined bragging message About their particular interest in robotics, they are also said to be looking at things for at least the next ten years.

So it’s perfectly legal for you to laugh at the accompanying video, which is said to show some of what Dyson is researching in home-targeting robot technology. Among other things, we see a robotic arm that can pick up toys from the ground and put them in a box, a robot arm that can cover a table and a robot arm that can map a sofa chair and its void.

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Exactly the latter may already be something, but at the moment such a robot seems to take up as much space as the chair itself. However – it can at least do something our current robot vacuum can’t.

One area of ​​Dyson’s research is the potential for more advanced robotics to be used in ordinary homes. But this means that the robot must be safe from its surroundings. This means that he must be good at interpreting and “understanding” the surrounding environment and be able to adapt constantly.

This becomes especially important in a home that is also inhabited by humans and animals.

By the way, Dyson isn’t the only one looking into the possibility of something other than rolling robots that get us ankles at home. Last fall, after all, Elon Musk was able to tell us he dreamed of a “Tesla bot” that uses the company’s proprietary vehicle technology to get around.

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In this sense, both Musk and Dyson seem to agree that using more advanced robotics in the human environment requires far better sensors and artificial intelligence than is currently available in a regular robot vacuum.

With plans to hire nearly a thousand robotics technology engineers over the next five years, it certainly doesn’t live up to Dyson’s ambitions, but we’ll probably have to look away from a robot server in a few years now.

On the other hand, what we can hope for is that some of the discoveries can find their way more quickly into other products that can benefit from them.

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