E16 Filefjell, vegan | Technology will ensure more open mountain passes

Filegel: Now, the relatively recent E16 Filefjell isn’t infamous for having the most winter shutdown, also humbly touted as the safest winter mountain pass between the East and West.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration believes that better can always be better.

The five-year project, which includes 23 high mountain crossings across the country, is named after the predictably accessible mountain crossings.

But they don’t have the technology that exists yet.

For fun, it can be noted that the Rv7 Hardangervidda in Winter 2020 was closed for more than 1000 hours. E16 Filefjell closed at 34.

– No pilot. We set the maximum speed

We emphasize that this five-year project (2022-26) is not an experimental one, but something we are setting out as fast as we can and moving forward. Among other things, we want to buy more free text boards, weather stations, various sensors and other equipment in the coming years, says project manager Petter Storødegård at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

This is the equipment they actually use in their winter run. Storødegård or have good experience using new technology to better carry out the social mission. But they are also interested in using existing technology in new ways.

– What we want a dialogue about with the industry, so that we can offer the best possible bidding rides in the future, is: How can we increase the uptime of our mountain passes in the future?

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration wants ideas for new measures that can be used in operating contracts, new vehicle technology (low emissions already in use, but it is known here that technology is constantly evolving), vehicle data or other equipment that can provide useful data on weather and driving development.

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Industry calls for dialogue

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration wants to identify the innovation that already exists in the area, what the industry plans to offer in any case, and what the Norwegian Public Roads Administration as a buyer and owner of roads should facilitate.

Therefore, they invited the industry to the Supplier Conference at the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel in Gardermoen on September 13.

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