January 28, 2023


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E18 departure from Oslo postponed after billion-dollar announcement – NRK Oslo and Viken – Local News, TV and Radio

This is Phase 2 of the controversial westbound motorway development that has now been shelved. Construction of the first section between Lysager and Ramstadtsletta is well underway.

In the next phase, traffic on the E18 will be added to a tunnel under Sandivika.

Three billion in a year

The cost estimate for November 2021 is NOK 12.2 billion.

– The new cost estimate for the E18 section between Ramstadsletta and Nesbru, carried out in November 2022, shows a cost increase of NOK three billion compared to previous estimates from November 2021, says Tom Hedelen, project manager at Norwegian Road. Administration.

The Swedish Road Administration gives three reasons for Kostad cracks:

  • Unit price has increased in the market
  • Underestimated developer costs
  • Too little allowance for uncertainty in earlier estimates

The NOK three billion price increase means that the Swedish Road Administration must now put one foot on the ground and turn over all stones to bring costs under control.

– This means that the progress of the project has to be extended. We don’t have a complete overview of the exact consequences yet, but we have to get back to it, says Tom Hedalen, project manager at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, in a press release.

Way ahead of time

The first phase from Oslo should be ready for use in 2027-2028.

Tom Hedelen tells NRK that it is not realistic to start construction in the west before that time.

He also says that they have the cost of Stage 1 under control so far. They were fully reviewed twice last year, most recently in December. The price tag here is around 17 billion.

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– We are in uncertain times, says Hedelen, but the final amount is still less than the given cost.