Easee gets a sales ban by the Swedish authorities – E24

Easee gets a sales ban by the Swedish authorities – E24

Swedish regulatory authorities stop selling the company’s electric car chargers in Sweden. It may also have consequences in Norway.

Easee founder Jonas Helmikstøl.

Easee received a message about the sales ban from Sweden’s Elsäkerhetsverket on Tuesday afternoon, he writes today’s work.

It happens after Swedish authorities raised questions about Easee’s chargers, and the company had been forewarned of a possible sales ban.

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The regulatory authority here at home, Nkom, states that in principle the EEA rules apply, and further writes that banning sales in an EEA country, as a general rule, entails the same thing in all EEA countries.

– We have just received the information from the Swedish Safety Agency, and we need some time to see what that means as a whole, says Nkom Managing Director John-Eivind Velure in a press release.

– Nkom is concerned that the products sold in Norway are safe, and we will follow the situation in Sweden closely. At the same time, we are studying what specific measures are needed to be taken in this matter, he said.

Easy: Chargers are safe

Easee founder and general manager Jonas Helmikstøl says the chargers are safe and the company strongly disagrees with the decision. Easee will now go to court to stop the Swedish sales ban.

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The company is now working on, among other things, a temporary injunction and an appeal through its attorneys in Sweden, and says the letter “came like a bolt from the blue.”

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Helmikstøl fears that customers will begin to doubt the safety of the product.

We’ve never been more confident about product safety. We have one of the best and safest products in the world. We have now received confirmation from recognized institutes in Germany, he told E24.

Helmikstøl also notes that Easee has installed more than 600,000 devices from which the company receives continuous data.

– If there were any product safety issues, we would have known.

– hopes to get support

– Does this have any consequences for business in Norway?

– We have a dialogue with Nkom and we hope to get support from them. They seem to be taking a slightly different approach, and it’s not necessarily the case that because something happens in Sweden, it’s almost automatic that it’s offered in the rest of Europe, Helmkstuhl says.

The background to the decision to ban the sales is that the Swedish Electricity Authority believed there were deficiencies in ground fault protection.

The Swedish Safety Agency has also investigated other manufacturers.

The Norwegian shipping company from Stavanger has grown rapidly in recent years, with a turnover of billions.

In 2021, the company had a turnover of NOK 245 million in Sweden, accounting for 17 percent of the total turnover of NOK 1.4 billion.

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