June 6, 2023


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- Easier with the epidemic - VG

– Easier with the epidemic – VG

KUL CURLER: Torger Nergård (47) has represented Norway internationally for four decades, since the Toddlers course in the early 1990s – and since then on 13 seniors toilets and five Olympics. In 2010, he won a silver with Team Ulsrud in Vancouver. The photo is from the European Championships – his 19th – in Lillehammer in November of this year.

Torger Nergård (47) will equal the number of the old Ole Einar Bjørndalen Olympics in Beijing. The veteran and father of the family believes the pandemic has been a good thing for him in preparations for his sixth Winter Games.


– If the world was the same as it was in the old days, we would certainly have traveled more this year – especially last year. Now I was able to work and train at lunch and in the evening. It was easier to achieve than if everything was open. It’s almost been easier with the pandemic, with the national curling team answering questions about how the pandemic is behaving for them.

He chuckles “hmmm” in the face of the fact that not all Norwegian athletes preparing for the Olympics agree.

– We trained well. Well, really. He asserts that we certainly put some sticks in the cross.

Torger Nergård married Marian Rorvik of the national curling team in Las Vegas five years ago. The couple have two children, Torger Niergaard made his Olympic debut in Salt Lake in 2002, and won an Olympic silver medal in 2010 – The brand represents “Clown Pants” – And He partially quit a year after finishing sixth at the 2018 Olympics – before he does Back a year and a half ago.

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He played 418 caps, and joked that Dordey (Nordby, 57) might have had more. Two weeks ago, he went with the ships Steffen Walstad, Markus Høiberg, Magnus Vågberg and Magnus Nedregotten without being defeated by Olympic qualification in the Netherlands.

New gang: Steffen Walstad (left), Markus Høiberg, Magnus Vågberg and Torger Nergård (right), after beating Italy in the Olympic qualifiers in the Netherlands in mid-December.

This means that Norwegian curlers enter the Olympic tournament as the seventh-best team, right behind the six who qualified for the World Cup.

Unlike previous Olympics, they are not considered for medals and candidates. Much like strangers, as they might have been at the Pyeongchang Olympics four years ago.

– On a “certain day” we may have the opportunity to beat them. He says but we don’t prefer medals.

Scotland (Great Britain at the Olympics), Sweden and Canada are the big gold contenders ahead of the Beijing Olympics, as the men’s tournament begins on February 9 – the day after Norway’s mixed doubles (and pairs) I hope Magnus Nedrebotten / Kristin Skaslien can repeat South Korea’s bronze medal win in 2018.

The first competitors are Switzerland and the United States, then we move on to the next tier, says Torger Nergård.

In terms of motivation, he adds, it’s a lot more fun to beat the pros – the aforementioned five curling nations – “for us amateurs”.

Because that’s what he rightly considers to be.

Visitor visa: Torger Nergård is preparing for his sixth Olympic Games in Beijing from February 9. Photo from the European Championships in Lillehammer in November.

– No, it’s a hundred / a hundred, he answers questions about the 50/50 distribution / curling task.

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One hundred percent work, one hundred percent net, one hundred percent family, one hundred percent family. It’s 24 hours a day. Three times eight hours of work, curling, family, i.e. 24, is his interpretation of the “impossible” percentage estimate.

However, he notes, we are “running,” with financial support from Oppdal sponsor Minera Skifer and a B grant from Olympic Summit.

– We’re good. We have no income (from curling), we have to work. But there is no cost either. Türger Niergaard says time is a price.

Will this be your last Olympic Games?

– I’ve resigned so many times that I don’t want to say anything. But there probably won’t be another 400 caps, he answers VG’s questions.

note! Ole Einar Bjørndalen Shattered for what could become his seventh Olympiad In Pyeongchang in February 2018.