Easter Crime Games, NRK | TV viewers' disappointment with the NRK series: – I could not watch more than 30 seconds

Easter Crime Games, NRK |  TV viewers' disappointment with the NRK series: – I could not watch more than 30 seconds

This Easter, NRK tried out a whole new concept, “Easter Murder Games”. The program includes ten celebrities competing in traditional Easter activities on the mountain, and the loser is “killed” in a humorous way.

Both TV viewers and participants had the task of guessing who the Easter Egg Killer was, and on Saturday Alexander Rybak, 37, was revealed as the killer on the programme.

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But the program does not seem to have been completely appreciated by the Norwegian people, and many people on social media have expressed their dissatisfaction with this year's Easter programme.

Low viewership

“Easter Murder Games” is a relatively similar concept to “The 24-Star Advent Calendar”, with Markus Nyby (32 years old) as presenter.

In the Christmas show, celebrities make their way through familiar Christmas activities to be the winners of Christmas Eve.

Last year's Christmas season was a huge success for NRK, with a total of 910,000 people watching the program.

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On the other hand, viewing figures from the final three episodes of Easter Murder Games show much lower results. The show averaged just over 500,000 viewers this Easter.

But the individual episodes did not do as well as the Christmas version.

422,000 viewers watched the final episode in which the killer was finally revealed. The episodes “Påskerenn” and “Den Stille Uke” achieved viewing figures of 483,000 and 481,000 respectively.

Project editor at NRK, Jan Egil Aadland, tells Nettavisen that they are satisfied with the viewing figures for the programme:

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– It is gratifying that the average viewing figures for the season have reached more than half a million, and that two of the episodes have finished in NRK's ​​top 5 for Easter, says Aadland.

However, the show has received some criticism from TV viewers, and Aadland makes no secret of the fact that he hoped more people would enjoy the “Easter Murder Games”.

It must be the bottom

In the comments section of Nettavisen, many users wrote that the program is not intended for them and therefore they do not want to continue the series.

– I watched this program for five minutes and then it ended. Among the many strange programs made by NRK, this has to be the bottom one, as one user commented.

– I think I managed 30 seconds. “Then it's all over,” another user replied.

Project editor Jan Egil Aadland tells Nettavisen he's proud of the idea, despite the mixed reactions:

-I would have liked to see that more people took the opportunity to enjoy this gem of the series. At the same time, we must remember that this concept is a pioneering work both in terms of genre and publication. “I am very proud of the series and the delivery made by the production company Magga & Anders AS,” says Aadland.

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In the comment field NRK's ​​Facebook profile There are more divided opinions among viewers. While some question the moral values ​​of the state channel, others praise the concept of television:

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-This is the pinnacle of entertainment. He's under the impression that NRK and TV2 will get “even the hat fits” if they air something a little unorthodox, one user wrote, while another wrote:

– This was fun! We watched it with the kids and they loved it. Just as cozy as Marcus's Christmas calendar last year.

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