Easter traffic, speed control | UPs, here's to Easter fun

Easter traffic, speed control |  UPs, here's to Easter fun

Police hit the roads on Monday to check Easter traffic.

It was announced: Easter Preparedness on Roads: This is UP Chief Minister's Call

Restrictions have been imposed in many parts of the country. Many motorists have had their wallets burnt and some have lost their driving licences.

At the same time, the National Road Administration reported surprisingly few problems with Easter traffic towards Oslo.

– Traffic goes surprisingly well. There is good flow on all major roads and we hope this will continue, says Øyvind Eik of Road Transport Center East Netavisen.

Back to the problems with fast drivers:

On Monday, three drivers lost their driving licenses when they were caught speeding in Skane, UP. TA writes that a total of 12 drivers were caught in a speeding incident on National Highway 36. Three of them drove too fast and lost their driving license. Top speed in a 60-zone is 118 km/h, he writes toe.

Emergency police carried out speed checks at several locations on the E134 in Ednay, Westland County, on Monday afternoon. 20 motorists were given a simplified notice and 4 had their driving license revoked. Maximum speed 128 km/h in 80 zone, police sign X.

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On county road 33 in Eidsvoll, Feiringvegen, 18 drivers were caught speeding on Monday afternoon. A driver was reported for driving without a driver's license and driving at 86 km/h in a 60 zone. Eidsvoll Ullensaker magazine.

Eight drivers were caught speeding on County Road 37 near Mæl on Monday afternoon. Rjukan Arbeiderblad. While one driver was reported for driving at 87km/h in a 60 zone, seven drivers got away with simple cautions.

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Also on the Homestrand, police pulled over motorists who stepped on the accelerator too hard on Monday:

– 12 simple notices were issued for speeding offences, the police report writes, after a speed check on Hvittingfossveien in Homestrand. Dansbergs Flat. The maximum measured speed is 93 km/h in the 70 zone.

In Bodø, 15 motorists received a simple warning after being tested in Hanstad. Top speed 78 km/h 60-zone, police report X.

On National Highway 7 near Kol, UP issued four summonses for speeding. The maximum speed there is 83 kmph in the 70 zone.

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