Eastern Norway – Heavy rain causes problems

Eastern Norway – Heavy rain causes problems

Heaviest amounts of precipitation were reported overnight into Sunday in eastern Norway.

Due to the level of water on the road, the Follotunnelen on the E6 is closed to single traffic in the direction of Oslo. Eastern Road Transport Center has informed this.

– Drive carefully in the rain and adjust your speed, they write in X.

Øyvind Schalla-Aasen, operations manager at the Oslo Police District, confirms that the storm is causing problems on the roads tonight.

At midnight, they reported a traffic accident on the E18 inbound at Oscar, where no injuries were reported.

– The driver said hydroplaning was the cause, Shalla-Assen explains.

The car spun and crashed into a guardrail.

A short time later, another car crashed into a patrol car at the scene, causing minor injuries to the driver. The operations manager explains that the driver was probably careless.

Lots of water

He asked the motorists to be very careful as it is raining heavily at the moment.

– There will soon be a lot of water on the road, so adjust your speed to the conditions and drive carefully. Focus on the traffic picture, not other things, he says.

– It can come on suddenly, says Shalla-Assen, and it can quickly become difficult to see in the dark.

In addition to the heavy rain, eastern Norway also reported a good number of lightning strikes overnight into Sunday.

He was taken to hospital

A bicycle accident occurred in Asghar last night, in which the person involved was apparently seriously injured.

Schalla-Assen tells Dagbladet that the cyclist must have maintained a high speed and then hit a high ledge and went down. The operations manager says it is not clear whether the weather had any influence on the accident.

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– Life-saving first aid was initiated at the scene, and the man was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, according to the operations manager.

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