EC handball, girls handball | The star talks about pregnancy: – You have to be careful

EC handball, girls handball |  The star talks about pregnancy: – You have to be careful

LJUBLJANA (Nettavisen): Stine Skogrand is an important piece for the Norwegian national team and her Danish club Ikast once again, after her birth at the end of June.

Bergen-born and boyfriend Evind Tangen have given birth to their second child, and there has long been uncertainty over the 29-year-old’s participation in the ongoing European Championship.

On the other hand, Skogrand “made” a comeback in Slovenia, but says the body still has to adapt to the pressures of matches.

– It feels good, after a bit of ups and downs for a while. I’m now in an upward fitness curve, but I’ve noticed that the body has to adapt to the stress of several matches a week, says the new mother of two.

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– You have to be careful

Currently, Camilla Herm, Carrie Pratsit-Dell, and Sana Solberg Isaacsen are absent from the tournament due to pregnancy. The teammate thinks the conversation on the topic is on the way to recovery:

– At the moment, I think, a lot, because I don’t talk about anything else with the press, says Scogrand and laughs, before she continues:

– More and more people are thinking like this, and I think this is a very good thing,

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The profile is also keen to remind people that pregnancy is different.

– At the same time, you need to be careful and not ask too much about it, because you do not know how everyone was. There are many factors that mean there hasn’t been much focus on the topic in the past. But first of all, it’s really good that things are going well.

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The child on the journey

Skogrand usually plays the role of right-back in the everyday life of the club, but in the national team it is used as a right winger. There was a lot of playing time in the tournament:

The goal was to get in the best shape possible at one time or another, without setting any clear time requirements for it. I wanted to be ready for my first league game with Ecast, and I did. Then this tournament became the natural next step on the road. I was taking it day after day.

Have you received any comments that you are returning “early” to the field?

– I haven’t received any police mama on Instagram, so that’s a good thing, she smiles.

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The son travels to Slovenia, and Stein’s mother takes care of him on his way to his dream of a gold championship.

– They live a few floors below us, so they’ve been following through the entire tournament here. My mother loves this role, so she is happily interested in it. Now they actually do laundry in town, so duty calls for it.

Was the day off for you?

– Yes, he was incredibly cute. We took a trip to town with some of the other girls on the team.

On Saturday, the first fight awaits in the main round, and Sweden will be in the other half of the field.

– It would be very exciting. I feel like we have a lot to prepare for, and we’re really looking forward to it. We played a lot of different games against Sweden, so it’s hard to say where we stand against them. We’ll try to dig up some tricks.

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