Economics and Business, Power | The stricken electric company was contacted 25 times. The result surprised.

Economics and Business, Power |  The stricken electric company was contacted 25 times.  The result surprised.

– The challenge was to reverse the trend and make people happy with Fjordkraft again.

This was stated by the director of Fjordkraft Magnar Øyhovden to BA in February. He took over as president in the fall. The company has long been holding consumer board on its back, customer journey experience due to shifting agreements and negative press reports.

Recently, there has also been news that the company has to downsize.

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But on Thursday, the company pulled off an important milestone: During an award in Oslo, Fjordkraft gave away its 2023 Customer Service Award in the Energy category.

The award is presented by SeeYou, a company that measures customer satisfaction across various industries.

will be tested

In competition with 12 other electric vendors, Bergen scored best after recruiting customer service through random samples—the so-called “mystery calls.”

Here, handlers of unsuspecting clients are quizzed by professional SeeYou testers to gauge how they handle different types of inquiries.

– The selection is made by calling the electricity company customer center 25 times over four months and pretending to be customers. Jan Sverre Reboli Paulsen, responsible for the award, says that we judge a company solely on the performance and competence of its customer service agents.

Factors such as price, and whether the company actually delivers as agreed, and so are not taken into account in the competition.

Paulsen in See believes the tests show the energy industry has maintained good customer service, despite a turbulent year.

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Fjordkraft competed against these

Fjordkraft won the Customer Service Award in the Energy category. In the class they competed with these companies:

  • luck
  • Goodbrandsdal Energy
  • Arctic Ocean power
  • Kingdom of strength
  • relaxed
  • Bright Energy
  • Norges
  • NTE Energy
  • polar force
  • smart energy
  • Trondelag force
  • whats

– High electricity prices and electricity subsidies that are difficult for many to understand mean that those who contact the electricity company are now in a different situation than they were two or three years ago. Sometimes he is very busy. However, we’re seeing it’s easier to get answers than it was a year ago, so it appears that companies have ramped up capacity, Paulsen says.

In the justification, the jury wrote, among other things, that Fjordkraft is best overall at receiving, welcoming, dialogue, resolving, and closing inquiry.

– Fjordkraft is doing the best overall, and from the numbers they seem to be doing a very good job, he says.

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the answers

About 90 employees work in the Fjorkraft customer center, which is therefore the best in the country, if we are to judge from the award.

– It is very remarkable that we, as market leaders, have won such a test. It shows we have quality in our entire team, says Erin Fuskanger, Director of Customer Service at Fjordkraft.

The company received more than a million inquiries over the past year.

– They were a huge hit, and it’s impressive how the staff handled it. We’re talking about a group that has a high level of knowledge in many different areas, and that delivers over and over again, says Fauskanger.

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On Friday, the day after the award in Oslo, Fjordkraft announced that 25 positions in the company would be eliminated. The company previously decided to move from five locations to two customer service locations.

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