Economy and Business, Price War | Reduces prices on Easter items by 25 to 50 percent

Economy and Business, Price War |  Reduces prices on Easter items by 25 to 50 percent

(The newspaper online:- Now the Easter price war is underway, blogger Rune “Gjerrigknarken” Nikolaisen tells Nettavisen.

Rema 1000 parts elements include:

  • Gildi BBQ sausages in two packs: from 79.40 to 58.90
  • Lamb leg: from 139.90 to 99.00 per kilo.
  • Wholesale oranges: from 19.90 to 14.90 per kilo.

– But we will see greater price reductions than this. There are many other items where the price will be reduced, says Gjerrigknarken.

Easter goodies

Easter gifts are usually a category with significant price cuts. Rima has trimmed down her Nidar Easter favorites and Cloetta Easter foam. But the price of marzipan sausages produced by the large Nidar company in packages of five pieces is likely to fall much more.

Last week it was reduced by a few kroner and its price now stands at 33.80. But at Easter last year, I got these for just over five kroner.

-I'll be surprised if prices aren't reduced for more Easter sweets. Solo, I also think there will be further price cuts, says Nicolaisen.

But there are already some offers on Solo. And here you can quickly get lost. Because at Rema 1000 you can buy a set of ten Solo Super boxes for NOK 96.00. If you spend NOK 3.00 on a cormorant, you can get a pack of 16 boxes instead. In other words, there is no doubt as to what gives the cheapest price per litre.

– There are a lot of solo trips at Easter time and that is why we have pallet sales where we buy large quantities of Solo Super in 16 packs, which we hope our customers will appreciate, says Sales and Marketing Director, Pia Melby to Nettavisen.

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Oranges are easy to miss

Another product that can be easily missed is oranges. All chains sell these nets in bulk, but often carry an extra kilo or two of nets. In Rima 1000, the wholesale price of oranges became 14.90 after the price reduction. At Extra, the corresponding price is 19.90, but they also have oranges in kilo mesh for 19.90.

It's very important that grocery chains make their mark in the run-up to Easter.

– Easter is important to Norwegians and we want to make the final amount of Easter shopping as low as possible. The price reduction comes in addition to our 1,000 frozen prices and will continue until after Easter,” says Millepy.

– Check prices

Kiwi and Extra also have several Easter offers in their campaign papers this week.

– Today we started the Easter campaign, says Kiwi Communications Director, Christine Arvin.

Kiwi also adjusted prices after Rema made its sales. Among other things, the price of oranges was reduced to the same as in Rima.

– In addition to pushing prices ourselves, we check the prices and advertising campaigns of our low-cost competitors every day, says Arvin.

Extra has also reduced prices on several items.

-We're heading into a time of year where there's usually fierce price competition on typical Easter items. Everything indicates that it will also happen this year, says series director Håvard Jensen in Extra.

“We've reduced prices on grab-and-go lunches, tulips and a number of other classic Easter items,” says Jensen.

He stresses that they are closely monitoring low-priced competitors.

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– We always follow low-cost competitors in terms of price, says Jensen.

Drag to last week

Nettavisen follows the grocery industry closely, and price tests conducted at Easter last year show that the price war did not actually break out until the last week before Easter.

The stingy addict thinks it's good to have ice cream in your stomach.

-I saw someone comment that it is important to shop while products are in stock. I think this is nonsense. I don't bite it. I'm looking forward to my Easter shopping, says Gjerrigknarken.

These are some of the items that Rema 1000 has reduced the price of:

Item name Price 09.03 Price now It changes Percent change
Original oven-cooked liver paste, 190 grams 25.40 12.90 -12.50 -49.2%
Gourmet piece 438 grams 39.80 22.40 -17.40 -43.7%
Yellow napkin 20 pieces 20.00 11.90 -8.10 -40.5%
Precision round cutter 6-PK R 13.00 8.90 -4.10 -31.5%
Tomato soup with mozzarella 26 grams Toro Rich 11.40 7.90 -3.50 -30.7%
Toro Rich Chicken Soup 22g 11.40 7.90 -3.50 -30.7%
Rich toro 20g vegetable soup 11.40 7.90 -3.50 -30.7%
Cauliflower/Broccoli Soup 20g Toro Rich 11.40 7.90 -3.50 -30.7%
Clota Foam Easter 100g 29.90 20.90 -9.00 -30.1%
Nedar Easter Favorites 300g 59.90 41.90 -18.00 -30.1%
Roastbeef Rima 100g Surla 31.50 22.90 -8.60 -27.3%
Continuation of the original 220G 24.40 17.90 -6.50 -26.6%
Freya chocolate drink 10 packs 48.90 35.90 -13.00 -26.6%
Regia cocoa original 260 grams 32,40 23.90 -8.50 -26.2%
Chicago sausage buns 10 pieces 32.30 23.90 -8.40 -26.0%
Rima grill 650 grams 48.50 35.90 -12.60 -26.0%
Grilled sausage 2 x 600 grams 79.40 58.90 -20.50 -25.8%
Bacon without swearing 150 grams 42.90 31.90 -11.00 -25.6%
Cashew nuts 55 grams 11.90 8.90 -3.00 -25.2%
Mixed nuts and fruits 60g 11.90 8.90 -3.00 -25.2%
Yellow chandelier, 8 pieces, 24 cm 48.00 35.90 -12.10 -25.2%
Fried onions Note: 15.90 11.90 -4.00 -25.2%
Light yellow cube 5.8 x 12 cm 1/3 board 19.90 14.90 -5.00 -25.1%
Napkins with Easter decorations 20 pieces 19.90 14.90 -5.00 -25.1%
Family waffle package 35.90 26.90 -9.00 -25.1%
Tomato ketchup 1 kg Heinz 39.90 29.90 -10.00 -25.1%
Sunbear Toddy 10 Pieces 320g FR. 67.90 50.90 -17.00 -25.0%
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