Ed Westwick: – – A star couple’s break

Ed Westwick: - - A star couple's break

In the fall of the last couple of years, news broke that “Gossip Girl” star Ed Westwick (34) found love With South African model and influencer Tamara Francesconi (25).

Then the couple was seen together at lunch in Los Angeles, and daily Mail She also posted kissing photos of the duo.

– Tamara is madly in love with Ed, and he’s proud to say she’s his girlfriend, a source said the sun, and added:

– All of his family and friends have approved of her, and they think they get along great with each other.

COMBACK Ed Westwick returns as Chuck Bass from “Gossip Girl”
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«New Break»

Now, almost two years later, the couple should have come to an end. It’s reports daily Mail Thursday.

The site further writes that it was Franceconi who broke up with Westwick, better known as the sneaky Chuck Bass in the teen drama “Gossip Girl”.

Neither Westwick nor Franceconi has yet commented on the alleged breakup, but on Wednesday the 25-year-old shared a mysterious video of Oprah Winfrey, 67, that was said to have hinted that the relationship was over.

“When people show you who they really are, why don’t you believe them? Why do you have to see them 29 times before you realize who they really are. Why don’t you understand it the first time people show you who they are? Believe them for the first time,” says Oprah in a clip The video, the Daily Mail wrote.

When Francesconi was asked on Instagram last year how she met Westwick, the model, who is a huge fan of “Gossip Girl,” responded:

– Suddenly, he called me in my inbox and said hello. I almost fell off the chair. After chatting for a while, he asked me for a date, and I thought it was dinner. Instead, he took me to a butterfly farm in Mayfair, after which we spent the whole day experiencing London together. She explained at the time that the rest is history.

Serious accusations

Ed Westwick has been low on media since leaving in November 2017 accused of sexual assault.

At the time, American actress Christina Cohen (29 years old) posted a longer post Facebook social networking site She claimed that the 32-year-old raped her.

Shortly thereafter Another woman accused Westwick of assault.

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This resulted in the British Cut from the BBC series “Ordeal By Innocence”, starring Christian Cook as Mickey Argyle.

These are serious allegations that Ed Westwick has denied. A BBC spokesperson said when the allegations became known, until these issues were resolved, we would not be broadcasting the “ordeal of innocence”.

In all, three women have accused Ed Westwick of abuse, while the actor himself has consistently claimed his innocence.

– I did not, and now I am cooperating with the authorities to clear my name, he said in November 2017, according to daily Mail.

according to the sun The 32-year-old was acquitted of serious charges last year.

It is unfortunate that people have prejudged this case, and that it took more than eight months before Ed was formally acquitted of the charges, his attorney, Blair Burke, said at the time.

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