Eiendomsgiant is once again betting on Norwegian startups

Eiendomsgiant is once again betting on Norwegian startups

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Entra takes Arealize and Proxpect drones into the heat.

Maria Groening-Hope, Head of the Future Workplace at Entra, and Founder and Managing Director of Arealize, Sophie Ergens.

Real estate developer Enters On Monday it announces several collaborations with Norwegian startups, including those based in Trondheim SpaceFounded in 2021.

Based on existing drawings and building codes, the company can create various design solutions and modifications using artificial intelligence.

– Using autonomous algorithms, Arealize can design a new space solution during the meeting with the client. This way, the client can quickly see if the place is right for them and what possibilities exist, says the founder and general manager of Arealize, Sophie Ergens.

Entra partners with a recycling startup

More than 70,000 people spend their working days in the Intra building Maria Groening HopeHead of the Future Office at Intra Company in a press statement.

Drone inspection

Proxpect drones It also signed a “comprehensive framework agreement” with Entra.

Drammen company from 2015 with the founder Dan Richard Isdal Eng At the forefront, it offers drone inspection services. The company's ambition is to contribute to social and economic savings and greenhouse gas emissions over time.

The framework agreement with Intra covers a wide range of services, including thermal and photoelectric measurement and machine vision analysis, among others.

Marius Primodirector of purchasing at Intra, writes about the drone agreement in a press release:

– The possibility of combining drone inspection technology with intelligent property management will not only change the way Entra manages its properties, but will also set a new standard for the industry.

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