Eight of the twelve participants of Shall We Dance TV background 2:-

Eight of the twelve participants of Shall We Dance TV background 2:-

On Tuesday, TV2 announced the “Skal vi danse” cast of the year.

Among the participants we find athletes, artists and influencers. But the common denominator for most of them is that they have participated in or have participated in TV 2 programs. As many as eight of this year’s twelve participants have connections to TV 2, Dagbladet can find out today.

Journalist Gunnar Bodal-Johansen criticizes TV 2’s recovery of its personal files.

– I don’t think they mind that the participants who come out on stage are associated with TV 2, because it contributes to the channel’s marketing, Bodal-Johansen tells Dagbladet.

Bloggers on the dance floor

Among the well-known TV 2 profiles, three of the participants this year participated in the same TV 2 show:

Eislin Guttorsen (34) He is an influencer and sexologist, known for his G-spot podcast. She is currently working with “Skal vi danse” and “Bloggerne” on TV 2.

Double Day: Sexologist and influencer Iselin Guttormsen has this year's link to two shows on TV 2, namely
dual current: This year, sexologist and influencer Iselin Guttormsen appeared on two shows on TV 2, “Skal vi danse” and “Bloggerne”. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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Ankken Jorgensen (24) He is a familiar face in the Norwegian sphere of influence. In addition to blogging about sustainable fashion and working as a writer, in recent years she has also been involved with “Bloggers”.

influencer Joachim Klevin (28) We will be going out on the dance floor with a male partner at this year’s Shall We Dance.” Kleven currently has 400,000 followers on Instagram and is probably better known than “bloggers”.

permanent staff

Two of the participants in this year’s “Skal vi danse” are TV 2 closer to the influences of “bloggers”:

Siri Nelmin Afflesen Ostley (37) He is a journalist and broadcaster on TV 2, in addition to participating in the second season of the reality TV 2 channel “Kompani Lauritzen”.

TV Glance 2: Siri Nelmin Afflesen Ostley is a journalist and presenter on TV 2. Earlier this year, she ran the winter studio for Holmenkollen's TV 2 and was a participant in the second season of TV 2
TV Profile 2: Siri Nilmine Avlesen-Østli is a journalist and presenter on TV 2. Earlier this year, she directed the Holmenkollen winter studio TV 2 and was a participant in the second season of the TV 2 show “Kompani Lauritzen”. Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB
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Journalist and personal TV 2 Simon Nietzsche (29) He is the second participant of this year and is a permanent employee of the channel. Nitsche has worked as a sports broadcaster for TV 2 since 2018.

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Three of the participants also participated in other TV 2 programs:

The YouTube Dennis Farred (31) In addition to his internet celebrity status and his participation in TV 2 shows “On a Journey with Dag Otto” and “Farmen kjendis”, he worked as a reporter on TV 2.

the artist Øyvind «Vinny» Sovic (45) He earned his break with solo hip-hop duo Paperboys after participating in the TV series 2, Every Time We Meet. Last year, he won the first season of the second TV series “Kompani Lauritzen”.

Review with the channel: In 2012, Øyvind . testified
Channel review: In 2012, Øyvind “Vinni” Sauvik experienced a renaissance in his career after participating in “Every time we meet” on TV 2, with, among others, Halvdan Sivertsen. Last year, he also escaped with a TV2 win in “Kompani Lauritzen”. Photo: Bjørn Langsem / Dagbladet
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Elaine Orgaswater (59) He is known as a public debater, consultant, writer, publishing editor and has participated in several television productions. In 2012, Urgaswater hosted the debate show “Hard Facts” with Jon Hostad on TV 2.

I think it’s marketing

Journalist Gunnar Bodal-Johansen told Dagbladet that he questioned the relationship of many of the “Shall we dance” TV 2 participants when the cast was first announced.

– When I saw who would join, it amazed me that there is a limited group of celebrities. Why do they have so many people connected to TV 2? Probably because it is not easy to get people. On the other hand, this could be the channel’s way of marketing itself, says Bodal-Johansen.

Today’s media profiles are celebrities helping to market their media houses. It’s a very noticeable development in many places. I don’t think they mind the participants coming out on stage being associated with TV2 because it contributes to the channel’s marketing, Bodal-Johansen continues.

Do you think casting is a problem?

– I can’t say that this is a press ethics problem in isolation, but I think it can give the impression that the program is very internal. It’s a pity for viewers and TV 2.

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– Predictable

currently: Øyvind “Vinni” Sauvik will be in this year’s “Skal vi danse”, and here’s why he said yes. Video: The red carpet
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Television expert Gry Rustad at the University of Bergen believes celebrity reuse is becoming more common.

– You see this on most reality shows. Participants go on tour, and it has become a culture in which you develop familiar concepts, while reusing the same faces. Gry Rustad tells Dagbladet that it’s not just TV 2

She says the programs have become like a career path.

– For example, you participate in “Idol” and become known enough to participate in “Star Wars”. Then you participate in “Farmen Kjendis” or “Skal vi danse” and also participate in “Every Time We Meet” where you sum up your career. This may sound monotonous and predictable, but the audience clearly wants it. The TV expert says that these programs are very popular.

She believes that the advantage is that the public has the opportunity to follow the celebrity over time.

– There’s something familiar about that, and you get a personal relationship with celebrities. The downside, says Rastad, is that it’s a bit predictable.

– Everything is normal

Catherine Haldorsen, Program Editor at TV 2, told Dagbladet that the channel is very pleased with this year’s “Skal vi danse” cast and believes the participants are a broad mix of celebrities from both culture, entertainment, sports and media.

– If not all participants are known to everyone watching, this is a point you should know the vast majority of who some of the participants are. “We think we’ve done it again this year,” says Halldorsen.

Haldorsen believes the choice of TV 2’s profiles in this year’s “Skal vi danse” season was a natural choice for the channel without delving into criticism for promoting their profiles.

– In Skal vi danse we have profiles from most of the TV channels. Last year, for example, NRK’s ​​Andreas Wahl won. For us, it’s only natural that the profiles used by TV 2 are also among those involved in our entertainment programmes, says Haldorsen.

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celebrity character

Karl-Fredrik Tangen, a marketing expert and assistant professor at Christiania University College, believes that participation in “Skal vi danse” can lead many profiles to a higher star rank.

– When you get rid of the shame most people who haven’t exercised much feel in their bodies when others see them dancing, you’re really showing that you’re an interesting celebrity, Tangen tells Dagbladet and adds:

– “Do we dance” and this type of program, for many participants, is the way to the character of a celebrity in general. It’s a family program that shows participants a larger target group, which also means that the heavy attachment to what specific participants do is gone, he says.

Tangen says he sees the predominance of TV 2’s affiliation with this year’s “Skal vi danse” participants as a conscious strategy on the channel’s part, but not necessarily about channel marketing.

“I think TV 2 sees this as an opportunity to develop people within the organization, and it’s kind of a test of who we can use,” he explains.

The marketing expert agrees that this is not an unusual trend among Norwegian media and points to NRK, which often has its own profiles circulated on shows like “Trygdekontoret”, “Lindmo” and “Lørdagsrådet”.

It’s hard to use people as experts because they’re celebrities, but in “Skal vi danse” the point is that the participants do something they can’t. The role of the media is not just a newspaper or just a television channel. It works across media platforms. In the case of TV 2, it may also be about Skal vi danse’s ability to create controlled profiles of celebrities that audiences will follow between streaming services, social media and podcasts and where they believe there is money to be made.

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