Einar Nilsson shares a mysterious message

Einar Nilsson shares a mysterious message

Shortly before the news came TV 2 has canceled popular shows ‘Home Time’ and ‘Garden Time’. Viewers’ reactions were not long in coming.

Many of them were wearing armor After I got the message, I spoke on social media.

“No! I would throw myself at you if you were a rival channel!” one viewer wrote on Facebook after the news broke.

Another wrote, “Why are all good programs removed from the screen?”

Einar Nilsson, who was involved with the programme, is now hinting that something may be brewing.

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– I don’t think I’ll be unemployed

In a recent interview with Bergen newspaper Nelson answers somewhat evasively when asked about future plans.

– I don’t think I’ll be unemployed, but there’s a lot I can’t say now, he answers vaguely.

Nilsson has been working on the show since 2004 and has stood firmly with presenter Kjersti Bergesen.

– I hope it won’t be the last you see on TV. We love doing what we do, so we want to work more with TV. Maybe at a different angle, but we don’t know that yet, he says.

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can not pronounce

Bergen also wonders if Nelson is referring to the “Time for Home” gang when he uses the word “we”.

He confirms it and says they know what they want to do next. However, he cannot comment on what it is or what channel it might be for.

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In other words, it looks like it’s not over yet for the Time Home gang. However, it is not known exactly what form it will take, or what it will entail.

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