June 9, 2023


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Elaine Aboul on disclosure: — They had a cut on the chin

It was a different week at Camp Culinary, with participants divided into red and blue teams, each with its own restaurant manager.

Teams will compete to impress presenter Kjartan Skjelde (46) the most, and the restaurant manager of the losing team must face one of his colleagues in a cooking match.

Production intervention: – I got scared

After a nerve-wracking competition, it is the blue team that draws the shortest straw, and so they have to send the team’s restaurant manager Henrik Elvjord Borg (28) to a cooking competition.

The rest of the team fights in a practice match, and there’s Elaine Abol (22) who draws the shortest straw and has to fight against Borg.

There will be a tussle between Henrik Borg and Ellen Aabol on Monday’s episode of “Camp Culinaris.” Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Kine Falch/Viaplay
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– a great moment of frustration

In a cooking competition, Borg and Aabol are tasked with making Japanese ramen. After an even match, Borg will secure another week at Camp Colinares.

When Se og Hør met Aabol on press day for “Camp Culinaris,” Aabol could tell she had contracted coronavirus only two or three weeks prior to recording.

smoke from

Smoke from “Camp Colinares”: – Like a cold shower

This would lead to significant hurdles in competition.

– Throughout my stay, I had neither taste nor sense of smell. So I would stand and cook without tasting or smelling it,” says Apol.

– It was an incredibly big moment of frustration and anxiety. I also chose not to tell anyone, because I thought it would be seen as a weakness. I just kept quiet about it.

In the end, the influencer chose to put the cards on the table.

– When I stand there and say it in front of everyone, all the participants and Kjartan (Skjelde, program director, journalist’s note) are left speechless.

There is a conflict in “Camp Culinary” when Isaac tells restaurant manager Lydia about a conversation he believes he had with Elaine. There is still disagreement about what actually happened. Reporter: Kine Falch / Thea Hope. Video: Kine Falch / Thea Hope / Viaplay
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Drama on screen

Despite the fact that the sixth season of the culinary competition has recently begun to appear on the screens, viewers have been able to see exciting arguments unfolding in the celebrity restaurant.

- Can't afford another loss

– Can’t afford another loss

Among other things, Abol was accused of attempting to sabotage the restaurant’s then manager Lydia Gesselmann (29), which the 22-year-old denied.

The behavior didn’t sit well with other participants or TV viewers, and on Wednesday, the food influencer had to take to Instagram to defend himself.

She reminded people that a lot is being cut, and that her father’s cancer affected her stay. He passed away last Christmas.

- Dad would be proud

– Dad would be proud

She told Aabol Se og Hør that the people around her mattered while “Camp Culinaris” was on TV.

– I feel like I handle attention pretty well, although there are some comments that can be a bit annoying at times. Then you just have to debrief with those around you, and I am so grateful to everyone I have in my life.

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