Eleanor Bgorstrom: – Her daughter is very ill:

Eleanor Bgorstrom: - Her daughter is very ill:

It’s been less than two months since Swedish influencer Elinor Bjornstrom (27) became a mother for the second time, when she and boyfriend Jamie Olson (33) gave birth to a little daughter – Novale Nora Björstrom.

Before they had a son Harun (3).

Since then, Al-Suwaidi has posted several photos of his new life as a mother of two on social media. She also has He opened up about his dramatic birth to See and Hear.

Also through social media, Björstrom told fans that the newborn should be hospitalized.

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“A lot of upheaval in the last 24 hours is totally unreasonable. I started sneezing a little here and there, and ended up having trouble breathing,” she wrote on Instagram.

For the script, the influencer shared a photo of little Novali in a hospital bed, at the same time she revealed that the little boy had contracted the RS virus.

according to Lumleggen RS virus infection is a common cause of lower respiratory tract infection (bronchiolitis and pneumonia) in young children and infants. The Doctor’s website also writes that the virus is an important reason why young children are hospitalized:

“Children with chronic diseases, infants under three months of age, and premature infants are among those at greatest risk of serious disease,” the report said.

– helpless

Björström told Se Oog Hør that his two-month-old daughter was barely so ill that they finally decided to seek help at the hospital.

– Nuvali was breathing very fast and making a very whistling sound when she breathed in. Therefore, we sought help in the hospital. Björström says she’s never had a fever, which is usually a common symptom.

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As a mother, it is of course a big nightmare to see their children sick.

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It was cruel to see her sick. I was so helpless, I did everything to exchange places with her.

Fortunately, things are going much better with the little girl today, the mother of two told Se og Hør.

– Today she is much better. She concludes that she is still somewhat affected by it, but is feeling incredibly much better.

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