Electric assistance should be guaranteed until 2025 now – E24

Electric assistance should be guaranteed until 2025 now – E24
The Key to Communication: Ordinary people should stop being afraid of security. The government has work to do.

The extended and prolonged electricity compensation must come to the common people. It won’t necessarily be very expensive either.

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Why don’t voters adopt the so-called government subsidy for electricity? It seems that the Prime Minister himself is a bit delusional.

Electricity subsidies, we’re told, are generous and “the most comprehensive in Europe”. Letter writer Stor He even claimed that the state would spend last year and this year “almost as much on electricity subsidies as we do on elementary school.”

Støre means in December either It wasn’t necessary To increase electric assistance to households.

There were slightly different signals this week. NRK reports on Wednesday that changes can Come. It would be wise. If the prime minister sticks to his previous statements, I think he has set the course for defeat in the elections in 2025. And the loss of the Labor Party and the Center Party for a number of bastions of power in the autumn local elections.

First, the assistance provided to families is not as raw as described. More money is still being spent Primary School of the current compensation. And should we first try to compare the electric assistance of each inhabitant, among other things, the help of the Germans Huge package master it.

And then there was the letter of support. Ordinary people prefer to call it compensation. The public sector reaps extraordinarily high revenues from onshore energy prices. Much goes directly into the state budget. Only slightly more than half is returned in the form of electricity compensation.

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And Not for companies. only for the people.

Even after the contributions, people’s electricity bills in the past year and a half have been much higher than before. In the precious month of December, thousands flew in. The state is covered Less electricity bill than many expected. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the ruling parties peaked in the polls at the same time.

Electricity subsidy covers a lower bill than you might think

In January, the price of electricity fell, and demand increased slightly. It is possible to control the absence of large quantities of Russian gas on the continent at the present time. Mild weather in Europe and more blizzards in the plains of northern Germany, gives the government a hand number. Even further.

Prime Minister Storr also sees the temporary situation. The gas price is also the lowest price for Norwegian electricity. With an increasing number of foreign cables, we are able to import continental fares back home. Then the prime minister Press met Before Christmas, he admitted “we should expect higher electricity rates.” He also noted that “one is more worried about the winter that comes after.”

At the same time, does Store realize how much of a key son-in-law can remain for the government in order to support the ruling parties?

At home, we can turn down the plate ovens and change the electricity supplier. But there are limits to what cat baths we can take and indoor temperatures. To a large extent, we are at the mercy of changing spot rates and the ever-changing beast features of online banking. In the hydroelectric country of Norway, some feel they are losing control of their finances.

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The longer electricity bills cause unrest, the more people advocate the overthrow of the entire power system.

Støre may still have an acceptable, non-revolutionary course. The best leaders provide their employees or constituents with social and financial security. Predictability. And the prime minister can always contribute to that. It can start by extending the power compensation. and to improve it.

The best before date is probably the most important. Compensations so far have been fragmented. current ranking The year is running out. It may be extended. But we don’t know that yet. I think very few people even know how long the current one will last. It could cause financial turmoil on thousands of kitchen tables.

At the same time, the hoists can be operated in the current compensation scheme. Announcement can come now, money in next year’s budget. For example, a threshold when the state covers 90 percent of the energy price could be lowered from 70 to 50 øre per kWh. Or compensation can be given hour by hour, to get more real energy consumption.

The government can first anchor a revised and expanded scheme in Parliament, and then ensure that the scheme continues until 2025. End of term.

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At the same time, such advertising will not close Pandora’s box. Certainly, the amendments will not satisfy many who want to upend, change or nationalize the current energy market. The setup also won’t solve the challenges of building more power. or to save electricity. or corporate bills. The controversy over the electricity market and other types of actions will continue.

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Critics may also fear that the revised electricity compensation will lead to inflation that will lead to a rise in the interest rate. But this will not happen if the government reprioritizes investments or taxes in budgets. The total spend can be exactly the same.

We’ll also likely get an extension to compensate later anyway. There could be an outcry if the scheme ends in the middle of the next critical energy winter. It is likely that elected officials seeking re-election will have to prioritize electric assistance for a long time, no matter how tempting other projects may be.

For now, however, there is uncertainty. With proper advertising now, government can break its old pattern. And reduce the impression that they are following events. Back, compressed and outdated.

And best of all? Perhaps such a promise would not be as costly as feared. Although most indications are that electricity prices will be permanently higher than we are used to, the world and the weather are unpredictable. Mild weather can reduce the need for heating — and speed up wind turbines. Europe’s energy weaning from an aggressor Russia may be faster than most people think.

The point is, ordinary people want security. They want to know they can afford it. That they have the financial resources to handle after-school bills and soccer classes. Today and in two years.

I am sure many voters will appreciate this security. The government can provide this security. Simply. It must happen now.

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