June 6, 2023


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Electric vehicle news: - Renault Megane E-Tech unveiled in Norway

Electric vehicle news: – Renault Megane E-Tech unveiled in Norway

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(Elbil24): Renault Megane E-Tech is likely to double sales of Renault passenger cars in Norway when it arrives. Now the car is on a short visit to Norway to show it to the press, dealers and key stakeholders.

Elbil24 has already tested the donation, and it is very interesting that a newcomer is on the way.


The car will go on sale in five of Europe’s most important markets from February 16. That’s because the car is one of seven finalists for the European Car of the Year award, an award so heavy that Renault chose to speed up the launch to meet the requirements for Car of the Year to join 2022, instead. year 2023

Elbil24’s Fred Magne Skillebæk (signed below) is the Norwegian jury member for this selection, which is also the reason why Elbil24 has already tested the car on its own, and against one of its most important competitors.

The car doesn’t arrive in Norway until around Easter. The prices are also not clear, but what has emerged is that the Norwegian importer will make it very easy to choose the Megane model.

There will be three ready-made models, which have been named Business, Techno and Iconic.

Working is the entry-level model, which will be outfitted with 18-inch wheels, while the other two will have 20-inch wheels. Therefore, the business range will also be at a range of 470 kilometers, while the two delivered at 20 inches will have a range specified under the WLTP standard of 450 kilometers.

In addition to choosing the equipment version, you can choose the car in six different colors, in addition to the fact that it is possible to get it in two colors, as Renault calls it when the roof is painted in contrasting black.

Inside, there are canvas covers in Business and Techno recycled materials, while the Iconic is delivered with a black or light gray titanium leather interior.

We have provided the vehicle details in the test.

NAUGHTY: It's the automotive designer Gil Vidal who is behind the creation of Renault Megane E-Tech.  Photo by Fred Magny Skilbeck

NAUGHTY: It’s the automotive designer Gil Vidal who is behind the creation of Renault Megane E-Tech. Photo by Fred Magny Skilbeck
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Car landslide

Renault also says it will launch 10 new electric cars over the next four years, with the Renault 5 already shown as a concept car, the Renault 4 confirmed as another car, while the car currently called Renault HHN is another. The third alternative – a model that will replace the one we know today as Kadjar.

The next car will be Renault Austral, but it will be launched primarily with internal combustion engines and as a plug-in hybrid.

Renault Megane E-Tech will probably automatically aim for the VW ID.3 and Cupra Born, and unlike the VW and Cupra it can accept both the roof rack (75 kg) and the towbar (900 kg).

We’ve already pitted Megane and Born up against each other, a test you can read here:

The way forward for Renault Megane E-Tech in Norway:

  • December 11th: specially invited guests come to view the car displayed on Norwegian soil (the podium).
  • Feb 1 (approx.) Prices in Norway will be ready.
  • On February 16, the car will go on sale in five major markets.
  • February 28: Car of the Year winner announced, with Megan one of seven finalists.
  • March: Six cars take part in a roadshow to display.
  • Nissan: Elbil24 gets a car for testing on Norwegian roads.