Electricity and energy prices | Someone should take the bills…

Electricity and energy prices |  Someone should take the bills...

Director This is a captain. The editor expresses the position of the newspaper.

“anarchism”, It is the most comprehensive description of Electricity Norway. Referred to as transmission cables between Norway and other countries. In a completely imbalanced energy market, plans to use clean hydropower to reduce domestic emissions on the Norwegian shelf are still alive. She shakes her head and pushes the theories that we have ceded all power to the European Union.

The Big Picture Power state is puzzling. Almost all of the debate revolves around short-term compensation solutions and attempts to pay for what is a desperate situation for both families and businesses. There are few indications that measures are being sought to restore balance in a market that is clearly in disarray.

In all this confusion, It makes sense for companies such as Elvia, BKK Nett and Agder Energi Nett to delay the introduction of a new network lease scheme, as requested by the majority of Parliament. Not necessarily because the new system isn’t good enough, but because so many of us struggle to keep track of how we’ve been affected. Network companies don’t give us assurances that the new system will ultimately benefit us all.

We understand Everything that will be transferred from fossil energy to renewable energy challenges the transmission capacity of the energy grid. It can lead to massive investments. Someone has to take those bills, but with the electricity market fundamentally changing, it doesn’t make sense to share the costs exclusively through grid rent.

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electrification In the new areas, energy producers generate large profit margins. It should be possible to find a model that brings money for new infrastructure from these systems. In Norway, we have a good tradition of raising funds for community initiatives where there is money to be raised. We should think about this now, too, though municipalities, counties, and the state are happy to use the profits for other purposes.

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